Ecommerce Store vs. Brick and Mortar Store

Long gone are the days when you have to risk your life savings and get a 2nd mortgage on your home to start your own business!

It can easily cost over $100,000 to launch a traditional "brick and mortar" retail store. You have to pay out the nose every month for building rent, insurance, utilities, supplies, and all the other overhead associated with a physical store. Then you also have to hire employees to babysit the store and run the cash register. Employees are expensive: wages, payroll taxes, unemployment insurance, workers comp, administrative costs for processing payroll, etc. Next, if you want anyone to actually come to your store, you're going to need a big advertising budget. And then there's all the inventory you have to buy to stock your shelves. Most new store owners have to spend tens of thousands of dollars UP-FRONT to buy products they can only hope will get sold! If it doesn't sell, you're stuck with a bunch of worthless inventory.

There's a much easier way - and a much safer way - to start your own business. And the amazing thing is that it has the potential to earn just as much money as a traditional "brick and mortar" store, if not more! I'm talking about using the drop ship model to build an ecommerce store.

An ecommerce store offers several major benefits over a physical store. Here are the top 5...

1. Almost no overhead - Your monthly overhead costs for an online store are about $50-75. If you make ~$25 of profit per sale, that means it will take 2-3 sales a month to "break even". Compare that to how many sales it will take to break even with a traditional "brick and mortar" store where your monthly overhead costs are in the thousands!!!

2. No employees - You don't need to hire employees to watch your store or take orders. Shoppers just "browse" your store on their computers and then go through the checkout process on their own. When your online store gets busy enough that you can't handle all the orders in the 30 minutes a day you're devoting to it, you'll be earning so much profit that you really won't mind hiring a $8/hour person to run it for you!

3. No/low advertising costs - You don't have to spend a penny on advertising if you don't want to... and you can still get people to your store. Every day, millions of people search Google, Amazon, Bing, eBay, TheFind and dozens of other search engines and shopping portals for products they're interested in. By following Store Coach's free ecommerce training program, you can get your store listed - and ranked well - in these search engines and shopping portals. Shoppers will make their way to your web store without you spending a penny on advertising. If you want to get even MORE visitors to your site, our training course shows you how to approach paid advertising in a way that you'll make much more in profits than you spend on paid advertising.

4. No up-front inventory purchase - Our free training course walks you step-by-step through the process of finding a supplier who will drop ship products for you. If you're not sure what drop shipping is, check out this article that reviews The Dropship Model. Basically, the supplier gives you permission to list their products on your site BEFORE you buy them. When a customer places an order, all you do is forward the order info on to the supplier and they ship it directly to the customer. You don't have to spend a penny until AFTER the sale has been made. The customer pays you $200, you pay your supplier $150, and you pocket the $50 difference as profit!

5. Nationwide (or worldwide) audience - Anyone in the world can visit your website. And depending on whether you choose to ship to only the USA (or whatever country you're in) or worldwide, millions or billions of people can purchase your products. With a "brick and mortar" store, you're limited to a very small local market.

How much can you make with an ecommerce store? A lot!!! We've had several sites that have each made $5-10k in net profit per month. And we've also sold several sites for well into 6 figures. Our free ecommerce training program walks you through our proven, repeatable process for making the same kind of money yourself... WITHOUT risking the farm!

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