Harness The Power Of Pinterest – The Easy Way!

harness the power of pinterestAdmittedly, many of us men folk aren’t the world’s most visual people. We see a new social network where you just post pictures and think, “What a waste of time? How is this going to generate any sales for me?” Recent numbers, however, suggest that we sure better change our thinking, and fast!

According to a referral traffic report by Shareholder stats, Pinterest is generating more referral leads than Google Plus, YouTube and LinkedIn combined and trails Twitter by only one tenth of a percentage point. It is also the only social network that has an overwhelming majority of female users – 80%, in fact.

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, women make more than 80% of all household buying decisions or, as Michael Silverstein, principal at Boston Consulting Group and author of Trading Up: The New American Luxury puts it, "Today's woman is the chief purchasing agent of the family and marketers have to recognize that." With so many people with purchasing power using Pinterest, it's clear that it is absolutely essential to reach out to them and get your piece of the Pinterest marketing pie.

Trying to figure out what you can put on a Pinterest wall can be a bit of a challenge, though - especially in markets where you are selling a service, not a product. Even for product oriented businesses, simply tossing up a bunch of pictures of your merchandise just doesn’t cut it. You need to post pictures of things that are interesting to people; things that are fun; things that will get shared.

There’s a whole article on how to find interesting things to put on Pinterest boards in the Store coach free ecommerce training course, so I won’t get into that here. Instead, I thought I’d show you a way to get great pictures for your Pinterest account and not have to do a thing to get them. Not only that, but they will actually be pictures that your audience finds interesting and ones that will undoubtedly be re-pinned to other Pinterest boards.

“How do you do that?” you may ask.

Simple - run a contest. Offer a prize or two that your audience would love to have and set up a group Pinterest board that they can post pictures to. Maybe even have the contest winner be the person that gets their picture re-pinned the most. There are worse ways of expanding your network than that!

Obviously, they can’t be pictures of just anything; if you are a company selling power tools, pictures of kittens and bunnies aren’t exactly what you are looking for. You need to think of a theme and let them know what the rules are for picture submission. Maybe even toss up a picture or two, yourself, to show them examples of what good contest entries would be. Then, after the contest has run its course and you have awarded a prize or two, you can start organizing those pictures into themed boards on your Pinterest wall.

“Sounds great,” you may say, “but how do you do that with a service business?” Great question! Being in the e commerce training business, I’m in exactly the same boat. SEO infographics are nice, but they’ve been shared to death. Perhaps running a captions contest would be one good way of getting your audience engaged. Have them write provocative or funny captions that relate to your contest theme under the pictures they share. The best thing about a captions contest is, any picture at all will work. For example, how’s this sound for a contest? (Come to think of it, this sounds so great to me, I think it actually will be our June contest!) ...

June, 2012 Store Coach Contest: Write a provocative or funny caption about SEO or e commerce on a picture for a chance to win two great prizes! To enter, set up a Pinterest board called "Store Coach" on your Pinterest account and place a picture for the contest in it. Then, post where we can find your entry onto our forum contest board. Once you do that, we’ll add you to the Store Coach group Pinterest Contest board so that you can pin as many contest entries as you’d like.

Our June Store Coach Contest Prizes Are:

  • Grand Prize: $150 Store Coach Dollars
  • Consolation Prize: $75 Store Coach Dollars

Store Coach Dollars can be used for any of the Store Coach services such as Zulu Cart subscriptions, MVP memberships or our brand new Market Mole or Blog Squad Services. The Grand Prize will be awarded for the picture that gets re-pinned the most. We will also have a Consolation Prize drawing and each picture you submit gets you another entry in the drawing – the more you enter, the better your chances of winning!

To give you an idea of what we are looking for, here are a few that I came up with …

Bulldog - Bad Dog! Forum Link Spam

Baby Penguin - Who, me?

Baby - You call that writing?

Kitten - No more link building? Hooray!

Elmer Fudd - It's Penguin and Panda season!

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