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For Your Store

For Your Store



As explained in the Payment Processing Options video within the training section, it is recommended that every e-commerce store accept PayPal as a payment option. In order to accept PayPal in your e-commerce store, you will need a PayPal Business Account. It is free and quick & easy to set one up. Here are the steps:

  1. Get started by clicking here.
  2. On the page that comes up just click the orange button that says 'START NOW'.
  3. On the page that comes up now, just click the orange 'Get Started' button under the 'Business' heading.
  4.  On the page that comes up select 'Website Payments Standard' and click 'Continue'.
  5. At this point you will be walked through the personal and business information pages. Simply fill out all required fields & work your way through the rest of the application process.

NOTE: Be sure to put your new PayPal account log in details into your 'passwords' spreadsheet.

After Your PayPal Business Account is Set Up

Once you have created your PayPal account, you will need to do the following:

Attach Your PayPal Account to Your BigCommerce Store

Now that you have a PayPal account you should attach it to your BigCommerce store.

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Q&A with Coach

3 Q&As with Coach

What if your country doesn't allow paypal payments?

Standard Vs Premier

What business type should I select?

BigCommerce Hosted Shopping Cart Platform

A shopping cart platform is the "software" that runs your ecommerce store and allows customers to browse, add products to their cart and checkout on your site. It includes a "back end" (i.e. admin panel) where you add products, view orders and otherwise manage your store. We highly recommend BigCommerce, which is a "hosted" shopping cart platform (meaning it also includes web hosting).

Logo, Banners & Graphics

"A picture is worth a thousand words," as the saying goes. Nothing screams "amateur" like a plain, clip-art style home-made logo. If you want to keep customers on your site for more than 2 seconds, it's critical that you have a professional-quality logo along with a couple of custom sale banners (possibly in a slideshow). Our talented graphic artists specialize in ecommerce store logos and banners. Learn more about our graphic design services.

Toll-Free Phone Number

Whether you intend to actually take phone calls or not, displaying a toll-free number on your site is one of the biggest conversion rate factors that will really boost your sales. Most customers will never pick up their phone and actually call you, but simply having a toll-free number goes a long way to gaining your visitors' trust. And when you do answer customer calls (or return messages), it almost always results in a sale! Click here to learn about our recommended toll-free phone service.

Credit Card Processing (Merchant Account)

Probably the #1 conversion rate factor for your store is accepting credit card payments on-site (i.e. without your customers having to leave your site). Many shoppers don't realize they don't need a PayPal account to use the PayPal checkout option, and a fair percentage of shoppers simply don't like PayPal and other off-site payment processing solutions. They want to stay on your site throughout the checkout process. Click here to learn about our recommended merchant account provider.

SSL Certificate

If you have a merchant account (for on-site credit card processing), you're required to also get an SSL certificate to protect/encrypt the sensitive personal/billing information customers enter on your site during the checkout process. (Even if you don't accept credit cards on-site, it's still a good idea to get an SSL Certificate just so you can get the SSL "security seal" to put on your site, making customers feel more comfortable and secure shopping on your site.) Click here to get a crazy-good deal on an SSL certificate.

Web Hosting

If you're using BigCommerce or another hosted shopping cart platform, you don't need a web hosting account for your ecommerce store. If you chose to use a shopping cart platform that is NOT hosted, you need a web hosting account where your site will be "hosted." You may also want a web hosting account if you have an off-site blog or other sites to promote your online store. If you need hosting, HostGator is hands-down the best option available.

Store Building Service

Building an ecommerce store the right way takes a lot of time and requires a lot of writing (something most people don't enjoy doing). Want to cut to the chase? Hire Coach's Store Building Team to build your store for you! Our store build-out packages are very affordable and include a professional store logo, keyword-optimized home, category, sub-category and product pages, 5 unique articles, standard support/info pages and more. Click here to learn more.

Content Writing Service

If you want to tackle most of the store build-out yourself but skip out on all the (dreaded) writing, consider using our Content Writing Service. Our talented, American writers can write content for your home page, category pages, product pages, articles, blog posts or anything else you need. Our service is very reasonably priced, and our quality is second to none.