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Why Use Coach's Store Building Team??? The Answer is OBVIOUS!

Building an ecommerce store the right way takes A LOT of time to write unique content for all product pages, category pages and home page content. There are dozens of things that are easily overlooked when building a store! Rather than spending weeks of precious time building your own store and risking forgetting to do something essential, let our team of trained experts (who are personally overseen by the coaches) build your new online store for you. Packages start as low as $199 and getting a quote only takes a few minutes.

Getting a custom quote to have the Store Coach team build your store only takes 3 minutes...

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There are several things that CAN be included with any store that we build, but it's up to you to decide what you want to be included in your specific store buildout. Please read the below sections to learn what all we can do for you if you decide to use our team to build your store:


A Professional Store Logo

No one wants to shop from a place that appears to be run out of someone's garage. If you'd like to brand yourself as a true competitor in your market then it's essential that you get yourself a professional store logo. A good-looking logo will make you look like a major player in your market and will also make you more memorable for repeat customers. As part of the store building service, you have the option of adding a professional store logo at a discounted price from our regular price if you were to buy one separately.

Home, Category & Product Content

Having unique content throughout your site is just about the most important thing you can do to make your pages appealing to major search engines like Google. Without it, they will have little to no reason to reward you with top rankings. When you order your store from us, all of the content that you get will be 100% unique and original. You can choose to have us write your home page content, category page content, and even all of your product page descriptions for you. Your quote will be dependent upon whether you have us do the home page content, the category pages & product pages, and how many of each you plan on having.



Standard Support Pages

Although support pages tend to be somewhat generic from site to site, it's important to have them on your site for a number of reasons. We have built over 50 eCommerce sites ourselves and developed MANY more for our clients and have created very good support pages that we use for all of our stores over the last few years. For a very nominal fee, we can include all of these support pages for you. By the time we're finished, the only additional support page that you may want to create yourself is an 'About Us' page.

Buying Guide & Article Creation

Store Coach suggests that every new store has at least 5 articles or buying guides. These guides should be linked to from the home page, category pages, or even product pages. When you order articles or buying guides to go with your store buildout we will do this interlinking within your site automatically for you. Articles written by our team are $14.97 for 500-word documents. Articles or buying guides purchased as part of the Store Building process will be given a discount off that price.



Slideshow Banners

First impressions are everything. When a potential customer lands on your site, you literally only have a couple of seconds before they have made up their mind on whether or not they'd even consider buying anything from your site. Although having a slideshow isn't for everyone, it can definitely add a lot to the look and feel of your site. We suggest adding a few images to the home page of your site, just to make an impression on the customer. These banners or images could feature products, talk up a seasonal sale, or mention your "amazing" shipping & returns policy. Just let us know whether or not you're interested in having banners added to your buildout when you request a quote from us.

So How Do I Proceed From Here?

Getting a Quote

The next step is to simply get a quote from us. We will have you fill out a form that asks for basic information about your selected niche and suppliers, what elements you'll want to have included in your store and how many categories and products you plan to have in your store. When it comes right down to it the number of each thing you order is how we determine our quote.

We'll deliver a 'tentative bid' to you within 1 business day and a member of our team will be in touch with you either by phone or email to explain the whole process in detail. We say 'tentative bid' because after doing this for several years now, we know that things will change. If you accept the bid, we will have you pay for approximately half of the store up front. When we finish your store we will determine the final number of products, categories, and other elements of your store to determine the final price owed to us.

The Store Building Process

As soon as your first payment is made, the Store Building team will get right down to business. All of the store building work is done right in-house so there is no need to worry about non-native English speakers working on your store. Content is absolutely our number 1 priority and we would never outsource this important element of your store buildout.

A manager (likely the person that will be in touch with you from the very beginning) will be over your project to oversee every element of the store building process. This will be your go-to person in case you have any questions. Please keep in mind that you may not see any work done on your store for large periods of time. This is because much of the work is happening offline and only makes sense to update when large pieces of data are ready to upload. If you don't see any work being done for a while, don't worry. It's all part of the plan.

Delivering Your Store

Depending on the size of your store, it will be ready for delivery within 1 to 3 weeks. No store should ever take longer than this. When the store is ready for delivery we will notify you that the store is complete and what the total price is going to be. Again, we have to wait until this point to give the exact quote because the total number of products, categories, articles, etc could have changed by this point. You will have 1 full business day to check over your store and make sure everything is in order and to make final payment on your store.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Anything not specifically mentioned on this page will not be included in your store buildout. This includes customizations to your template.You will be required to choose your own template OR give us the go-ahead to choose a template for you. For extra customizations please use our template customizations service as soon as your store has been delivered to you.

Getting a custom quote to have the Store Coach team build your store only takes 3 minutes...

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