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Whether you're buying an already profitable business from our Website Marketplace, using us as your website broker, joining our store partnership program, or learning how to build an online store from our free training course, expect to be blown away by our expertise & professionalism.

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The Services We Offer Our Clients

Why Should I Trust the Store Coach Team?

Our reputation speaks for itself. We aren't "gurus" who flaunt our eCommerce riches, but we do have the accolades to prove that we're skilled experts! Over the years, we've been featured in the New York Times & Fox Business News as well as dozens of eCommerce blogs (such as Flippa's). We have personally built 180+ successful eCommerce stores since 2005 & continue to run several of them today. (See our incredible eCommerce journey here.)

If you need additional proof, we encourage you to check out our Website Marketplace where we have several profitable e-commerce business listed for sale. Most of the sites listed there are from students who have used our methods and our training to build assets worth anywhere from tens of thousands of dollars to millions!

What Services Do You Offer Here at Store Coach?

Simply put, Store Coach offers three services:

1. Buy a business through our Website Marketplace;
2. Sell a business with the our help through our Website Brokering service;
3. or learn to build a business by yourself or have us build one for you through our Partner w/ Coach program.

In addition to these three services, we have awesome resources for anyone interested in e-commerce, including our list of eCommerce recommendations and our Watch Coach Build series - a video series that shows every step of our latest Shopify store build in step-by-step tutorials.

How Long Has Store Coach Been Around?

Store Coach was officially established clear back in 2010, although the three original creators have been involved in eCommerce since long before that time. Dave & Kevin launched their very first eCommerce stores clear back in 2003. Over the next several years, Mike joined the ranks & the rest is history.

For the full story, visit our About Us page and see how Store Coach became what it is today.

How Many People Do You Have On Your Team?

The Store Coach team consists of 6 people. Dave, Kevin & Mike Hermansen are the original creators of Store Coach and continue to be the main contributors to this day. As Store Coach has grown, additional team members were brought on to help.

Scott McKirahan was Store Coach's first big success story, and after a mentorship turned into a friendship, Scott joined the team in 2015. Scott is expert at on-page SEO and has helped with consulting & coaching through the years. He is highly active in the Facebook community and has personal relationships with MANY of our students.

Max Badesheim was brought onto the team in 2015 and quickly became the operations manager for a network of eCommerce sites with over 20 employees. He continues to do consulting work & paid advertising for Store Coach & other companies owned by the Hermansen Brothers.

Zach Miller has been a member of our team off and on since the beginning. Zach has years of e-commerce experience, and a true expertise in sourcing wholesale products & store creation. Zach currently heads up our store partnership program.

Get to know each member of the team even better by visiting our About Us page.

Watch Coach Build

Are you intimidated by the thought of building a store on your own? You shouldn't be!

Watch us build our latest store from scratch in our all-new Watch Coach Build video series!

When you're done watching, check out the free eCommerce training course where we'll show you how to market your store for maximum profits!