Hi, we're the Hermansen Brothers! We started Store Coach back in 2010 but we've built & operated 180+ eCommerce stores of our own since 2003.

    Over the years, we've helped thousands of students ditch their day jobs by building their very own eCommerce stores!


Let's Keep In Touch!

If you have questions about our eCommerce training course or any of the other services we provide, we are here to help! We love to hear from our students and help in any way we can so don't hesitate to reach out!

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Why Should I Trust the Store Coach Team?

Our track record speaks for itself. We aren't "self-proclaimed gurus" who flaunt our eCommerce riches (that's not our style)... but we do have an 18-year track record of success as well as quite a bit of national press. We've been featured in The New York Times and on Fox Business News and KTLA5 Los Angeles, and in dozens and dozens of eCommerce blogs (such as Flippa). We have personally built 180+ successful eCommerce stores since 2005 & continue to run several of them today. (See our incredible eCommerce journey here.)

If you need additional proof, check out our Website Marketplace where there are always several highly profitable e-commerce businesses listed for sale. Most (if not all) of these sites are owned by Store Coach Members who have used our methods and our training course to build assets worth anywhere from tens of thousands to millions of dollars!

What Services Does Store Coach Offer?

We specialize in helping Internet entrepreneurs who want to...

1. Buy a business through our Website Marketplace;
2. Build a business, using our free store build training;
3. Sell a business using our Website Broker services.

Additionally, we have several consulting services for those looking for a little extra help getting their store launched or ranked in Google. All of these services are linked to from the header of our site under the "Services" dropdown.

How Long Has Store Coach Been Around?

Store Coach was officially established in 2010 (over 12 years ago now), although the three original creators have were involved in eCommerce several years before that time. Dave & Kevin launched their very first eCommerce stores clear back in 2003. A few years later, Mike joined the ranks and the rest is history.

For the full story, visit our About Us page and see how Store Coach became what it is today.

How Much Money Can You Make With an Online Store?

We've been making a full-time living in eCommerce for about 17 years now, and A LOT of our members are as well!

Niche online businesses have the potential to make serious income ($5-10k per month on the low end, and $100-200k per month on the high end). And it's not just us having this kind of success. In the last year alone, we brokered the sale of 2 Store Coach Members' businesses both worth several million dollars... and many other stores that sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars in our Website Marketplace.

The upside potential of an online business is truly astounding, especially when you consider how easy and affordable they are to build and operate... and how little risk and overhead they have.

Think about this... Launching a local "brick and mortar" retail store would cost tens of thousands of dollars, and your ongoing overhead costs for your facility, utilities, employees, equipment, etc. would be several thousand dollars per month. And how much could you realistically make in profit each month? Far less than you can make with an online store that costs maybe a hundred bucks to build and has so little monthly overhead (about $80/month tops) that you can break even with just 1-2 sales per month!

Do I Need _______ to Be Successful in eCommerce?

A lot of people incorrectly assume they'll need all kinds of things that they don't actually need in order to be successful in eCommerce. You do NOT need any of the following:

- Lots of start-up capital
- Lots of available time each week
- A business entity
- To know what type of product(s) to sell
- Connections or an "in" with product suppliers
- Programming, graphic design or other technical skills
- Internet marketing experience
- Space to store products
- To be located in the USA

So what do you need to be successful? Just a computer/laptop, an Internet connection, a good work ethic, and a little bit of money. How much money? That depends on whether you decide to build a store yourself from scratch (in which case you'll need less than $100), or buy an already-profitable website.