Easily Find a Killer Product Niche

It’s kind of scary how the very first decision you have to make on your ecommerce journey is also the most important one. That decision, of course, is choosing a product line to sell. If you choose a “winner” niche (aka product line), you’ll be primed for a lot of success and profits, even if you make some mistakes here and there along the way. If you choose poorly, though, you’re in for a lot of wasted time and frustration. It’s no fun to “go fishing” with the WRONG BAIT, so to speak! Last night, we hosted a live webinar where we discussed the key criteria for choosing a winning niche (i.e. the same criteria we’ve used to choose the niches for all of our profitable online stores, many of which have made us $5k+ per month in bottom-line net profit and sold for over $100,000)! In addition to discussing the key criteria, Coach Dave also put on an unrehearsed live demo of our revolutionary niche-finding tool: Pro Keyword Tool. Here’s the full replay of the webinar in case you couldn’t make it last night… Note: The first half of this webinar is largely a review of the concepts discussed

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Global Ecommerce Real-Time Statistics

This graphic shows the global ecommerce spend per second. The top row shows the total spend, the second row shows desktop vs. mobile spend and the 3rd row shows card payments vs. other payment methods. Global ecommerce is growing every year and continues to take a bigger piece of global retail sales each year as well. Here at Store Coach we teach people how to create their very own ecommerce stores and tap into this huge global spend. If you establish yourself in a favorable niche that has good demand and weaker competition, you can get a serious foothold and make very good income month after month. Our keyword tool was built for that exact purpose! It takes your vague suggestions and shows you all of the related niches you could succeed in! Credit for the amazing infographic above goes to Ever Merchant.

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Store Coach BigCommerce Tutorials

Over the years, we’ve created dozens of tutorials for the BigCommerce shopping cart platform. Those tutorials not only cover the technical how-to stuff, but they also contain Store Coach’s expert advice on how to optimize your store and maximize your conversion rate. Plus, they link to related Store Coach training videos and articles. Unfortunately, like all things “internet”, someone comes along and decides to change the design of things and what you became used to finding in one place is no longer there. We are as guilty of making major changes as anyone and although we feel our recent design changes have resulted in an overall better eCommerce training experience, some folks have been wondering where all of the BigCommerce tutorials that used to be available from the main navigation bar went. Not to worry; they are all still available; we just moved them to the blog. To help you better find them, this page links to all of the Store Coach BigCommerce tutorials here on the blog. Before clicking the links, below, we should also point out that we are not the only ones who have made big design changes. BigCommerce has also radically changed the Control Panel admin

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How to Reduce Abandoned Carts – Coach’s Tip of the Week

As anyone who has been in the website game long enough knows, it’s tough getting traffic to your site. On-page optimization, social networking, backlinks and paid advertising not only take time to set up or acquire, but they often cost money, too. When people come to your online store and don’t ever add any of your products to their shopping cart, it’s either because your products are bad, your prices are bad or they do not trust your website. When they actually DO add things to their cart and decide at the last second not to buy, it’s something else that happened that drove them away. According to Stefan Schumacher of SurePayroll.com, 68% of all online shoppers abandon their carts just before they are about to make a purchase. In an infographic posted on the Payroll Blog, Stephan points out the reasons people abandon their carts. Sometimes there is nothing we can do about cart abandonment. If you look at the reasons Stefan lists, many of them can be chalked up to wishy-washy people, folks whose credit card was declined or those who were just looking for information, never intending to purchase (of course, why they would add something to

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How to Build an Amazon Affiliate Store Using WordPress

For many of the reasons discussed in section 2.2 of our free ecommerce training course, a lot of folks choose to build an rather than building a traditional ecommerce store. In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through the core steps you must take in order to create and launch an affiliate product store. Although this tutorial will focus on being an “Amazon Affiliate” and promoting Amazon products, the concepts covered here could apply to building an affiliate store with any retailer’s products. As we discussed in section 2.2 of our training, being an affiliate for another retailer and running an affiliate product store is a very viable way to build a successful online store. Typically your margins aren’t quite as good as they are using the and running a regular ecommerce store, but you don’t have to deal with processing orders or corresponding with customers. Running an affiliate product store is a piece of cake! Here are the basic steps for building an Amazon affiliate product store… Register a domain name Set up web hosting Install WordPress Sign up for Amazon’s affiliate program Install required plugins Add products to your store Step 1. Register a Domain Name Click here for tips

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Keyword Research After The Fact – Coach’s Tip of the Week

In our Store Coach Training, we tell people that the success of a website begins with keyword research. Not only do you have to know that a product or service gets searched for enough times, you need to know ahead of time that the market niche is not too competitive so that you stand a chance of being found in the search results. There’s really no point in wasting your time building a website, otherwise! Therefore, we begin our whole course with choosing a market niche and we even have a tool that makes it a whole lot easier to find a great niche – our Pro Keyword Tool. We then show folks how to find a supplier, build a website and market that website. Hopefully, within a couple of months, money starts pouring in which is when most folks think that they are done. The truth is, they’re not; the web doesn’t stand still and unless you are constantly tweaking things, you’ll start to lose ground and profits will fall. A couple of weeks ago, Jeremy Gottlieb published a post on The MOZ Blog about keyword research and I almost ignored it, figuring we have that covered already with

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Old Backlink Techniques That Still Work – Coach’s Tip of the Week

These days, getting backlinks isn’t the easy prospect it was a couple of years ago – Penguin took care of that! In fact, some folks are so worried about doing something that may be seen as “unnatural”, they have decided that the only thing they can do is create great content, sit back and hope that people will come. That might have worked fine in A Field of Dreams, but it just doesn’t cut it in the website world! To be sure, building your web pages correctly and creating great content will draw a certain amount of natural links, but it isn’t likely to draw enough attention for an eCommerce site that you can abandon link outreach altogether. No, you definitely are going to need to work a little bit to get the best links. In a recent post, Neil Patel laid out the best ways of getting links in the post-Penguin SEO world we now live in. Although nothing in Neil’s post is earthshakingly new, what made it stand out amongst others that recommend similar link building tactics is that Neil supplied several form letters that can be used for many of the link building methods he discusses. That,

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How to Use Google to Help Your Pages Rank Better – Coach’s Tip of the Week

One thing that helps us a lot in determining what areas we need to focus more on in our eCommerce Training course are the site reviews we do every month. Although all of the Expert Site Reviews we do are utterly unique, most folks seem to struggle with on-page optimization. As part of our suggested on-site SEO improvements, we often recommend that users include not only the unique keyword phrase that they want to rank for on a page, but a few related phrases, as well. We always suggest that people get those related phrases by entering their targeted phrase into a Google search and then scrolling down the page to see what Google believes to be related phrases. If Google thinks they are related (even if they aren’t always) and you are trying to rank higher in Google, it only stands to reason that you want to give Google what they expect to see on a page. Neil Patel wrote an article last week – How to Increase Your Website’s Traffic Without Any Marketing – which really wasn’t an article on increasing website traffic, per se; it was about increasing the search engine rankings for your targeted keywords as

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Cleaning Up Before or After a Google Penalty – Coach’s Tip of the Week

Earlier this month, Alan Bleiweiss posted an article to the Moz Blog, titled, “Case Study: One Site’s Recovery from an Ugly SEO Mess”. The post is one of the most detailed ones you will ever read about a website’s penalties and what Advanced SEO did to turn things around. I’m certainly not going to reiterate everything they did to help the site recover. Many things were very site-specific and are unlikely to be the types of things that apply to all that many websites. Instead, I thought I would point out the fixes that were made that are apt to be much more common problems. Some of the things they did that led to the turnaround may surprise you! Know What Bit You Before you can ever plot a recovery strategy, you really need to know what it was that caused your site to fall from Google’s good graces. As Alan rightly points out, this is sometimes far easier said than done. Although Google puts out dates of when their various algorithm filters and changes are implemented, it takes Google quite awhile to crawl the web. If yours is a site that doesn’t change much, Google may only crawl it

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The Dropship Model

Ever wonder how the dropship model works? Well, now you know!

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