Create Custom Photos & Video of Your Products with Your Logo Showing

Having Custom Photos & Video of Your Products With Your Logo Hugely Increases the Chances of Success During Ad Tests

We strongly recommend creating custom photos & video of your products, with your brand's logo showing on them, before you launch your Facebook ad tests.

Why? Well, it makes your products appear to be truly exclusive to your brand, which adds perceived value, but it also gives you media to use that no other retailer is using!

You can use these custom photos & video on your product page for the product. But more importantly, you can use them in your Facebook ads! Which as you know, is where it all begins. If your ads don't get clicked, you won't get visitors to your site, and therefore cannot receive orders!

Keep in mind that the photos don't have to be out-of-this-world professional at this point, they can be created with a modern smart phone with some very basic editing.

Here are the steps to take to accomplish this:

STEP 1: Order a sample (shipped via ePacket for faster shipping) from at least one factory/plant that manufactures this product. (Generally we're talking, but this can apply to just about any marketplace that sells cheap items!)

STEP 2: Once you place the order with the factory, order transfer stickers that show your brand logo on them (if the product isn't one that a sticker can be applied to, consider adding the sticker to the product's package instead.)

Hint: Be sure to get a size that fits where you intend to place the sticker, you don't want to be in a position of having stickers that are too large for your product (or their packaging).

STEP 3: (Optional) Upon reception of the shipment, record the unboxing of the product (if you think video of this may be helpful on your product page later on, either as an instructional video or even as a "testimonial" style video within the product description).

STEP 4: Apply the transfer sticker that features your brand logo to the product or its packaging. Be sure to take care and consider the most logical, professional placement for this product type (this is likely where you will permanently have your branding applied to this product in later phases should it succeed during ad tests!)

STEP 5: Take a "lightbox" style photo that strictly shows your product lit up with nothing but a white background. Take a "mini lifestyle" photo, which shows your product in a setting where customer's will logically jeep it (i.e. the apple slicer would be photographed on a kitchen counter next to appliances or a cutting board). (This blog post on Shopify's blog has some great tips on taking product photos!)

STEP 6: Create a demo video of your product in action. This can be nothing more than just the product in use for 15-30 seconds. (This blog post on Shopify's blog has some great tips on creating product demo videos!)

Hint: If you don't have the time or patience to create product photos & videos yourself, consider hiring it out to a company that specializes in this.

This isn't just about photos & video either!

Ordering samples from the factories you intend to use is also beneficial to see what your customers will experience during the "ad test phase" while products are being "drop-shipped" to them. How fast was their shipping? How well was the product packaged? Were there any weird inserts?

It also gives you an opportunity to assess the product itself. How was the quality? Were there any manufacturing flaws?

We generally order a sample from each of the 3-4 factories we're considering for any given product, just to see which supplier performs best!

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August 01, 2021 — David Hermansen