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How to Manage Multiple Pinterest Accounts From One Account

[Unfortunately, Pinterest has recently changed and this article is no longer valid. Please consider checking out our home page to see how we can help you build your own online eCommerce empire.]

If you are selling anything visual, particularly if it appeals to women, Pinterest is absolutely the best place you can possibly market your products socially. Unfortunately, unlike Facebook and Google+, Pinterest does not allow you to set up multiple pages under one account. If you have three websites that use Pinterest to market products, you need three separate Pinterest accounts; four if you have a personal Pinterest account, too. Not very convenient, to say the least. It can get so confusing, that it is entirely possible to accidentally pin something for one business while you are signed into another business account. There is a way to manage all of your Pinterest accounts from one place, though, and it's not really all that hard to set up. By taking advantage of Pinterest's "Who can Pin?" functionality, you can set up a "master" account and control where various boards appear. When you follow a board on your master account from a business account, that board shows up on that business account's page. You'll have to decide which account is going to be your master account, which will be the Pinterest account that contains ALL of the boards for your various websites. If you are not comfortable using your personal Pinterest account as your master account, set up another "all websites" Pinterest account - ABC Inc., for instance. If you do not yet have individual business Pinterest accounts for each website, the first thing you'll need to do is set up a Pinterest account for each website, one by one. Remember to click the "Are you a business?" link instead of setting up personal accounts. After you have a separate business Pinterest account set up for each website, the next thing you will need to do is sign into one of those business accounts. Next, enter your master account's URL into your browser's address bar (you'll still be signed into your business Pinterest account) and click the "follow" button when that master account is displayed.  Sign out of Pinterest and login to the next business Pinterest account and repeat the process of following your master account. Do this for every one of your business accounts. Yep, if you have quite a few websites, you'll be doing a whole lot of signing in and out! Now that all of your business accounts are following your master account, you can set up individual boards for each one of those business accounts in the master account. After setting up the boards, you simply need to click "Edit" on each board and, in the "Who can pin" field, add the Email address of the business account that you would like to grant access to that board. Not only will that allow the business account to add pins to the board on the master account, but it will cause that board to show up on the business account's page. After you have assigned business accounts to each board, you will receive an Email to each business account, inviting them to pin to the boards they were assigned to. You will have to sign into each business account and accept the invitation for each board. If you refresh the page, you'll see that the board(s) from the master account now show up on the business account's page. That's it! Now, anytime you want to add a pin to a board for any of your business accounts, it can all be done from your master account. Much more convenient!