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Klarna: financing options for website owners

Offer Financing Options To Your Customers

If you sell products for $50 or more you should be offering financing options with your store's checkout system. People love paying for products over time, and offering financing will certainly increase your store's conversion rate.

Why Klarna?

We've used virtually every financing solution for online stores, and Klarna is "hands-down" our favorite. Partly because they are extremely friendly and easy to work with, but also because...

  • Their approval rate is extremely high and they accept most who apply (even those with newly launched retail stores!)
  • They charge zero up-front fees (no application or setup fee!)
  • They are worldwide and have been around for nearly two decades (their service is offered on websites of retail giants like Adidas®, H&M®, and BOSE®!)
  • They charge no monthly maintenance fees (they only charge fees when you process orders, and it's based on a small percentage of the revenue collected)
  • You get paid up front, regardless of the terms offered to your customer (and Klarna is who collects from the customer over time, not you!)

So What's The Hold Up?

You've got nothing to lose, and more customers & profits to gain, so use the button below to apply for Klarna financing for your website!

What's The Sign Up Process?

You simply fill out the simple form below and someone from Klarna'a team will reach out to you. It's as simple as that, so fill out the form below to get started!

The Adidas®, H&M®, and BOSE® names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. Store Coach, Inc.™ has no affiliation with those companies. Store Coach™ may receive referral payments for businesses that are referred to Klarna, but this does not change the fact that Klarna is still our #1 recommended solution and what we use on our privately owned web stores.

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