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ClearSale: Credit Card Fraud & Chargeback Protection for eCommerce Stores

Protect Your Store Against Credit Card Fraud, Chargebacks & False Declines!

Online fraud is a huge concern for almost every eCommerce store owner. A single fraudulent order can wipe out your profit from ~12 legitimate orders! Many store owners try to combat the risk of fraud by a) spending 10-20 minutes to manually review every order, b) setting overly rigid rules (such as requiring billing & shipping addresses to match exactly), or c) doing both! This results in A LOT of wasted time and lost orders. And because fraudsters are so sophisticated, most stores still lose thousands of dollars every year to fraudulent orders! ClearSale completely eliminates the risk of fraud. For a low per-transaction fee, ClearSale analyzes every payment using their ultra-advanced algorithm that employs virtually every fraud detection technology and technique available. It then provides a simple PASS or FAIL response (which you can see right inside your store's admin panel), eliminating the need for you to make any "judgment calls" or analyze any of the data yourself. And best of all, ClearSale gives you full-blown chargeback protection for every order that PASSes. This means ClearSale will reimburse you if you get a fraud chargeback on any order that PASSed their analysis.

Quick Overview

  • Completely Eliminate Fraud – ClearSale's industry-leading fraud detection technology stops fraud cold. And if you ever get a fraud chargeback, ClearSale reimburses you for it!

  • Increase Conversion Rate and Improve User Experience – Stop declining legitimate orders just because they look "questionable". Around 58% of declined transactions are legitimate orders. ClearSale has the highest approval rates in the industry through a balanced approach that combines AI, advanced statistical techniques, and the strength of the world’s largest team of specialized fraud analysts to guarantee the accuracy of their results.

  • No Manual Reviews – ClearSale provides a simple PASS or FAIL response, meaning no "judgment calls" on your part. And on the rare occasion that a manual review is required, ClearSale handles it for you!

  • Lowest Cost in the Industry – ClearSale charges a low per-transaction fee for full-blown chargeback protection (guarantee). And you don't have to pay the fee on canceled orders.

  • No Strings Attached - No per-transaction fees, monthly minimums, monthly fees or long-term commitments. The only cost is the low per-transaction fee.

Why We Use ClearSale

Online fraud is a huge concern for almost every eCommerce store owner. A single fraudulent order can wipe out your profit from 10+ legitimate orders! To combat this risk, most store owners do one of two things (or both!):

  1. Many store owners spend their valuable time and resources manually reviewing every order... calling customers to confirm orders, analyzing billing and shipping addresses, checking IP address locations, and so on. Not only do you have much better things to do with your time, but the fact is that fraudsters are sophisticated enough that you're still going to have fraudulent transactions occur even if you take the time to manually review every transaction.

  2. Many store owners set overly rigid rules to prevent fraud, such as declining all orders unless the billing and shipping addresses match exactly. But there are a lot of legitimate reasons why a shopper would want to ship an order to a location other than the billing address (gifts, recent moves, shipping to their business address, etc.). This so-called "solution" leads to a lot of lost sales, plus an unnecessary increase in live chats and customer service calls.

ClearSale completely eliminates the need for all of that! No more lost orders. No more setting up fraud prevention rules and training (and re-training) your order fulfillment team to follow them. No more wasting your precious time manually reviewing every order. And best of all, no more laying awake at night worried about chargebacks zeroing out all the profits you've made from your last week or two of work! Activate ClearSale and you’ll be able to "wash your hands" of the worry and work of fraud prevention. For each order, ClearSale provides a simple PASS or FAIL response in real-time based on thousands of data points and virtually every fraud detection technology available. Plus, ClearSale virtually eliminates false positives with Live Cardholder Verification (which is done internally by ClearSale). ClearSale doesn't require any long-term commitment or have any kind of "monthly minimum" or integration fee. They make fraud prevention as easy and price effective as it can possibly be.

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