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DAVE HERMANSEN  ("Store Coach")

After various offline (aka real-world) entrepreneurial ventures, Dave got started in eCommerce in 2003. At that time, there was very little information available on the web about how to build and market an online store. With nothing more than a $50 e-book he purchased on how to build a Yahoo store, Dave largely learned eCommerce through trial and error at first. Over the years, he would participate in several Internet Marketing and SEO programs/courses, though he still credits most of his "education" to his hands-on experience through the 60+ stores he's built and operated.

In 2008, Fox Business News reached out to Flippa (a marketplace for buying and selling websites), saying that they wanted to run a story about the money to be made in the developing world of eCommerce. Fox asked Flippa for the name of someone who had made multiple, big-dollar website sales, and Flippa put them in touch with Dave. In late 2008, Fox Business News interviewed Dave via live satellite about how he had acquired the domain name for $1,800, converted it into an eCommerce store, ramped up its traffic and sales, and then sold it a year and a half later for $173,000 (see the video to the right). Over the next few months, The New York Times ran a story about Dave and KTLA5 Los Angeles featured Dave in their "Kurt the CyberGuy" show (see the video to the right).

By this time, Dave had convinced his brothers Mike and (later on) Kevin to join him full-time in his eCommerce ventures. Constantly being "harassed" by friends, family and eventually acquaintances and strangers about how they were making a full-time living working from home, the Hermansen brothers put together a course called "How to Make a Living Flipping Websites". That course has transformed and evolved several times over the past several years into what is now Store Coach, which includes not only the knowledge Dave and his brothers have acquired but also the must-have tools and resources they've developed over the past decade to make the process faster, easier and more successful.

Today, Dave is one of the web's most notable Internet marketers, particularly in the realm of eCommerce and drop shipping. He is well-known for his work with Store Coach and for his continued, prolonged success with over 60 profitable eCommerce stores for a decade and counting. Working alongside his brothers, Dave has helped thousands of eager students - newbies and experienced veterans alike - through the process of finding a niche, sourcing products, building a store, getting it ranked and maximizing its profits.


  We've run over 60 profitable online stores in the past decade
  Many have earned $75K+ per year in bottom-line net profit
  We've sold several stores for huge 6-figure "pay days"
  Many of our members make a full-time living in eCommerce
  We've been featured on Fox Business News (see video below)
  ...and on KTLA5's Kurt the CyberGuy show (see video below)
  Read about us in The New York Times and the Flippa Blog
Coach Dave on  Fox Business News
Coach Dave on  KTLA5 Los Angeles - Kurt the Cyberguy Show  Los Angeles


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— Meet the Rest of the Store Coach Team —

KEVIN HERMANSEN ("Assistant Coach")

Kevin HermansenKevin dabbled in eCommerce "on the side" for several years while attending college and working in corporate America. Despite the fact that he was making good money and on the fast-track to become a partner at his CPA firm, he saw how much fun Dave and Mike were having and envied their flexible lifestyle. And they were making more money doing it! In 2010, Dave and Mike convinced Kevin to "make the leap" and join them full-time in eCommerce. A few eyebrows were raised when Kevin told the firm's partners that he was resigning to go off and start building eCommerce sites, but Kevin has never looked back and hasn't missed his job in corporate America for a second! 🙂

MIKE HERMANSEN ("Assistant Coach")

Mike HermansenUnder Dave's tutelage, Mike began his eCommerce career in 2006 while simultaneously attending Idaho State University and working a couple of part-time jobs. After seeing immediate success with his first eCommerce store, Mike decided to go "all in"... he moved to Meridian and joined Dave full-time in 2007. Alongside Dave (and later Kevin), Mike has helped build, market and run dozens of successful eCommerce stores and has also coached and mentored thousands of students over the last 9 years. Mike is currently the main point of contact for our Members here at Store Coach.

SCOTT MCKIRAHAN ("Assistant Coach")

Scott McKirahanIn 2009, Scott was laid off from his job. While searching for jobs and income opportunities online, he stumbled upon Coach Dave's story and eCommerce training course. He dove into the course and launched a couple online stores. Within 3 months, Scott had replaced his income from his last job. And within a year, he was making twice what he had made at any "real job" he'd ever had! In 2014, after working closely with Scott in the Store Coach community and seeing his passion and talent for coaching and mentoring others, the Hermansen brothers made Scott an official member of the Store Coach Team.

MAX BADESHEIM ("Assistant Coach")

Max BadesheimMax is the newest member of the Store Coach Team. He graduated from Boise State University in 2013 and worked at an SEO & marketing firm in Boise, Idaho before being hired by Store Coach in 2015. Max is an expert content marketer and link builder. In addition to serving as the office manager for Store Coach, Max regularly contributes to our periodic Pro Webinars where we delve into all kinds of advanced marketing, SEO and link-building techniques.


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Store Coach Membership is FREE!

We've helped THOUSANDS of people just like you ditch their day jobs. You can too!