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Active eCommerce Business Listings

Business Description Monthly Gross Monthly Net Asking Price Status
3.5 Y/O eCommerce Website Selling Chicken Coops & Runs $45.4k $4.5k $163k FOR SALE
14 Y/O Business Selling Private-Labeled Organic Aromatherapy Candles & Sprays $4.0k $2.6k $165k PENDING
2 Y/O $2.6 Million Revenue Dropship Ecommerce Business $220k $38.3k $1.61m FOR SALE
6 Y/O Upward-Trending Software-Assisted Remote Service Business $5.7k $3.7k $135k FOR SALE

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eCommerce Businesses We've Recently Sold

Business Description Monthly Gross Monthly Net Status
Multi-Channel Web Business Selling Print-On-Demand (POD) Clothing $26.7k $9.4k SOLD
ReviewMeta.com - High-Traffic Amazon Review Checker Site See
4Gauge.com Private Label Pre-Workout Supplement Biz + Inventory $47.1k $10.5k SOLD
9 Y/O Licensed T-Shirts "Stock & Ship" Website + Inventory $29.8k $8.4k SOLD
4.5 Y/O Outdoor Sports/Recreation Products Dropship Store $153k $10.0k SOLD
B2B Wholesale Private Labeling Health & Beauty Business $48.8k $12.9k SOLD
Outdoor Toy/Hobby Dropship eCommerce Store $33.5k $1.5k SOLD
Sports Nutrition Supplements Site + Social Accounts w/ 600k Followers $11.1k $5.5k SOLD
Private Label Unique Mother/Family-Themed Jewelry eCommerce Store $53.5k $12.5k SOLD
Private Label Sports Nutrition Supplements Website $705k $147k SOLD
B2B Services Site (SaaS) $28.0k $24.9k SOLD
B2B Wellness & Spa Equipment Dropship Business $110k $10.0k SOLD
Outdoor Power Equipment Store with Operations Contract in Place $221k $20.4k SOLD
High-AOV Dropship Store with Operations Contract in Place $19.5k $3.2k SOLD
Unique Private Label Niche Product Site $16.6k $9.9k SOLD
Massage & Spa Tables Dropship eCommerce Store $7.1k $0.7k SOLD
VeryDrone Drones & Quadcopters Store $134k $13.8k SOLD
9 Y/O Lamps & Home Decor Dropship eCommerce Store $8.5k $2.5k SOLD
High-Traffic Style & Beauty Content Site $4.5k $2.5k SOLD
B2B Dropship Furniture Business $197k $20.5k SOLD
Office Furniture Dropship eCommerce Store $13.5k $1.5k SOLD
Beauty Products Dropship eCommerce Store $271k $72.0k SOLD
Jewelry/Accessories Dropship eCommerce Store $21.0k $10.0k SOLD
Women's Accessory Dropship eCommerce Store $33.1k $10.5k SOLD
eCig/Vaping Stock & Ship eCommerce Store $1.5k $0.5k SOLD
Package of 3 Industrial Equipment B2B eCommerce Stores $30.8k $5.5k SOLD
Auto Accessory Dropship eCommerce Store $37.3k $9.5k SOLD
Private Label GPS Visors Business $3.5k $2.0k SOLD
Wedding Rings Dropship eCommerce Sites (2-Site Package) $4.1k $1.5k SOLD
Hoverboards Dropship eCommerce Site $21.8k $5.5k SOLD
Vintage Swords Dropship eCommerce Site $19.1k $3.9k SOLD
Vintage Swords "Receive & Ship" Retail Sites (2-Site Package) $53.0k $9.5k SOLD
High-End Furnishings Dropship eCommerce Site $46.5k $3.5k SOLD
Private Label Supplements Multi-Channel Business $31.5k $15.9k SOLD
Pet Ramps Manufacturing Company $7.0k $2.1k SOLD
Bathroom Accessory Dropship eCommerce Site $14.3k $3.5k SOLD