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If you live outside the United States or Canada, getting set up for business in the US can be tricky. Our comprehensive guide will step you through each of these challenges. This guide is included FREE with your purchase of Pro Membership!

Option #1 - PayPal Website Payments Pro (UK only)

If you're located in the United Kingdom, your best option for a merchant account will be PayPal Website Payments Pro. This is different from having a personal or even a business PayPal account. Website Payments Pro is a full-blown merchant account and allows customers to check out and pay with a credit card right on your website. The merchant account just happens to be provided by the company PayPal (instead of some other bank). Customers do NOT leave your website and check out on PayPal like they do with PayPal Standard (see option #5 below).

Website Payments Pro costs £20 per month and includes the secure payment gateway (so you don't need to get a separate gateway account). There is no long-term contract, no monthly minimum and no cancellation fee. The per-transaction discount rate is normally quite low. The page linked to above shows a number you can call to inquire about what rate you'd be able to get.

Option #2 - 2CheckOut (aka 2CO) offers an interesting solution that is like a merchant account but a little different. When customers go to check out they are taken off of your website to a secure 2CO page where they enter their payment information and finalize the order. This secure payment page can be customized quite a bit so it has your store logo and matches your site's color scheme. After making payment, the customer is re-directed automatically to the confirmation (thank you) page on your website. 2CO is fully integrated with BigCommerce, so set-up is as simple as inserting your 2CO ID numbers into your BigCommerce Admin Panel.

2CO can set up an account for virtually anyone in the world (there are only 5 prohibited countries, per US law). There is no setup fee, and there are NO monthly fees, statement fees, gateway fees, or hidden fees of any kind. The only ongoing fee is the per-transaction fee, which varies by country.

Click here to sign up for a 2CheckOut account.

Option #3 - WorldPay

We've reached out to, who is an authorized agent for WorldPay, a leading provider of international merchant accounts. Our contact at has been very successful getting international merchant accounts set up for people living in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, and many other countries throughout the world. WorldPay's terms and fees are dependent upon what country you're located in, but there is usually a set-up fee of around $200 and the per-transaction processing fee is usually around 3.95% - 5.00%. WorldPay is fully integrated with BigCommerce, so set-up is as easy as inputing a couple WorldPay ID numbers into your BigCommerce Admin Panel.

To inquire about WorldPay's rates and terms for your country, simply send an email to with the following info (just copy & paste the following text into the body of the e-mail):

Business Name:
Email address:
Phone number:
Address (including country):
Domain name(s):
Description of products:

Option #4 - Bank in USA

Most banks in the United States offer merchant account services to their clients. Thus, if you are able to set up a US bank account, your bank may be able to set you up with a merchant account. Your best bet is to contact international banks in your home country that have branches in multiple countries throughout the world (including the United States). Obviously, the terms and rates will vary from bank to bank.

Option #5 - PayPal Standard

PayPal Standard is an off-site payment processing option in most countries throughout the world. Some people love PayPal while others don't. Furthermore, many people are unaware of the fact that they don't need to have a PayPal account in order to pay via PayPal (i.e. they don't realize they can pay by credit card at PayPal without having to create a PayPal account). We recommend that all store owners (especially those outside the USA) offer PayPal as a checkout option on their site, in addition to offering 1 of the 4 methods listed above.