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PLUS... when you get access to Niche Finder Pro, you also gain instant access to several other tools provided by the Store Coach!

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Demo Video

Easily Find High-Demand Niches You Can Easily Get Ranked For!

Want to know how Coach Dave has found all the killer niche ideas and keyword phrases for the 50+ profitable online stores he's built over the last decade, many of which have generated $100,000+ per year and eventually sold for 6 figures? Answer: He's used Niche Finder Pro! Well, that's not entirely true... Dave's always used the process and formula that Niche Finder Pro now automates, but back in the "good old days" before we built Niche Finder Pro, Dave had to analyze each keyword phrase manually (not very fun)! It would take a good 1-2 hours of monotonous work to analyze a single keyword phrase! Niche Finder Pro performs the full-blown keyword analysis for you in a handful of seconds! So you'll be using the exact same process Dave's always used... you'll just be doing it about 1,000x faster!
Proven Process

Automates Coach's Proven Process

Want to find high-potential niches with a ton of online demand that you can easily get ranked for? There's no better tool than Niche Finder Pro. It automates the exact process Coach Dave has used to identify one winning niche after another, and it does it all in a matter of seconds!

Analysis Done for You

Does All the "Dirty Work" for You

Other keyword tools spit out a truckload of mostly worthless data and leave it up to YOU to try and make sense of it all (good luck with that)! Niche Finder Pro doesn't just spit out raw data... it analyzes all the data for you and generates 4 easy-to-understand scores: 1) Daily Searches, 2) Value Per Visitor, 3) Seasonal Immunity, and 4) the Can I Rank? score.

Proprietary Can I Rank? Algorithm

Advanced Can I Rank? Score Algorithm

After collecting the most important SEO statistics for the top 10 ranking pages in Google, Niche Finder Pro runs all the data through our powerful Can I Rank? algorithm to calculate the "strength" of the Page 1 competitors. The higher the Can I Rank? score, the easier it will be for you to outrank these top competitors and get to Page 1 yourself!

Easy to Use

Keyword Research Made Easy

Niche Finder Pro is incredibly powerful, but it's also a piece of cake to use! Because there's no learning curve (even for those with ZERO keyword research experience), you could be finding high-demand, weak-competition niches and keyword phrases 2 minutes from now!

Beginners and Veterans

For All Experience Levels

If you're a beginner and don't know anything about SEO, no problem... that's why we do all the analysis for you and boil everything down to 4 simple scores! If you're an advanced user and want to see the full-blown analysis of how the scores are calculated, it's all just a click away.

Niche Finder Pro analyzes ALL 4 of these "Big 4 Factors" and makes it easy to find a profitable niche and keyword phrases to target. All you have to do is find a keyword phrase where all 4 scores are green & bold, and you'll know you have a winner!

5 Easy Steps to Use Niche Finder Pro

In a feeble attempt to justify their crazy-high price tags, other keyword tools overwhelm you with a ridiculous amount of mostly worthless information and then expect YOU to try to make sense of it all. Unless you have a PhD in keyword research, you simply won't be able to! Niche Finder Pro makes keyword research as easy as it could possibly be. Here are the 5 simple steps for using Niche Finder Pro...

Step 1: Search - Search for a single word or a short 2-3 word phrase (use singular format, not plural). Make sure you've selected the country you're planning to target and set your desired minimums for Daily Searches, Value Per Visitor (scale of 1-5) and Seasonal Immunity (scale of 1-5).

Step 2: Review Results - Review the list of all keyword phrases containing that word/phrase and instantly see these 3 scores for each: 1) Daily Searches, 2) Value Per Visitor and 3) Seasonal Immunity. Look for keyword phrases where all 3 scores are green & bold.

Step 3: Calculate Can I Rank? Scores - If a keyword phrase looks promising, click the icon to run the Can I Rank? score calculation. (Within a matter of seconds, Niche Finder Pro will 1) gather all the key SEO/statistical data for the top-ranking pages, 2) run it through our proprietary algorithm, and 3) generate the Can I Rank? score.)

Step 4: View Report (optional) - If you want to see an in-depth report and analysis for the keyword phrase, click the icon. On this page, you can view the top 10 ranking pages and their key SEO stats and also update the Specialized? setting of each to refine the Can I Rank? score. (See FAQs for more information on that.)

Step 5: Save Your Favorites - Create a "short list" of your favorite keyword phrases by clicking the icon. (You want all 4 scores to be are green & bold.) Once you've assembled a good-sized list of potential winners, use the Favorites page to compare all your saved keyword phrases and pick your favorite.

That's seriously all there is to it! Become a Pro Member and get unlimited, unrestricted access to Niche Finder Pro today!

Why the Can I Rank?  Score is Crucial

When it comes right down to it, it doesn't make any difference whether a keyword phrase is searched for 10,000 times a day or 10 times a day if you're nowhere to be found in Google. You need a Page 1 ranking to to get any organic visitors! That's why the Can I Rank? score is so critical.

The Can I Rank? score tells you how "strong" the top 10 ranking pages in Google are, or in other words, how challenging it will be for you to outrank them. Way too many entrepreneurs make the mistake of going into a highly competitive market where they have NO REALISTIC CHANCE of getting ranked because they don't have Can I Rank? scores from Niche Finder Pro to guide them.

How are the Can I Rank? scores calculated? Since your goal is to get ranked on Page 1 of Google, we start by identifying the top 10 ranking pages in Google for the selected keyword phrase. Next, we use several different APIs, tools and web sources to gather key SEO statistics for each of these top 10 ranking pages, including:

  • The number of backlinks (from unique domains) to the root domain of the ranking page
  • The quality and value of those backlinks
  • The number, quality and value of backlinks to the ranking page itself (as opposed to the root domain)
  • The "domain authority" of the ranking page's website (which encompasses all kinds of SEO factors)

Other keyword tools stop there, leaving you with a dizzying amount of data you must then try to make sense of yourself (good luck with that)! But Niche Finder Pro is just getting started! It identifies whether each of the top 10 results is a general mega-site encompassing anything & everything, a specialized nichey site, or somewhere in between. (This is important because Google treats sites differently based on how "specialized" they are relative to the keyword phrase.) Once it's done that, Niche Finder Pro runs all the numbers through our proprietary Can I Rank? algorithm that Coach Dave himself created based on a decade of experience and success. The Can I Rank? algorithm gives greater weight to the more critical SEO factors based on Google's constantly evolving ranking formulas (which we follow carefully so we can update our algorithm accordingly).

The end result: an easy-to-understand Can I Rank? score between 0 and 100 that straight-up tells you how easy or difficult it will be to get ranked for the keyword phrase. The closer the score is to 100, the easier it will be to outrank the top 10 and get your site onto Page 1 of Google.

Glossary & Frequently Asked Questions

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