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We are constantly making tweaks to the Store Coach training materials. After several long and heated debates, we have decided to shut down our Niche Finder Pro completely and replace it with better training material which includes more realistic methods of choosing a winning niche.

When the this tool was created, getting ranked quickly in Google was relatively easy to do IF you jumped into a niche where the competitors didn't have great backlink profiles. Nowadays, a site with 5 backlinks often outranks sites with hundreds of backlinks for a given phrase. That's because the factors that help determine a website's rankings in Google have completely changed. Although backlinks DO STILL COUNT, they are not the most important factor when determining a website's rankings. The Niche Finder Pro tool, in particular, gave the "Can I Rank" score based on your would-be competitors' backlink profiles. Since Google doesn't hold as much stock in a site's backlink profile anymore, it was no longer the best way of determining whether a niche was a good one or not.

We are just as committed today as we ever have been to helping you succeed in your eCommerce efforts. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.