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Credit Card Processing with a Merchant Account

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Get the Same Great Rates as US Residents with Durango Merchant Services

If you're located in Canada, our friends at Durango Merchant Services have a couple great merchant account options for you...

Option 1 - If you're willing to set up a free US bank account (Durango can help you get it set up), Durango can get you approved through their US processing bank. You'll get the same great rates (2.35%) and terms (no application fee, no early termination fee, multiple domains/sites through the same account, etc.) as US applicants get! You do NOT need a US business entity, a US Social Security Number, or a US mailing address! Just fill out the form on the US page to submit your pre-application!

Option 2 - If you'd rather not set up a free US bank account, Durango can still get you approved for a merchant account... but the rates and terms aren't quite as good. Because of cross-border fees charged by the credit card companies, the transaction rate is 3.39% (instead of 2.35%). There's also a $25 application fee, and the account can only be used for 1 domain/site. This merchant account will enable you to sell in USD currency to customers in the USA. You will need to apply as a Canadian business entity and link the merchant account to a Canadian-based (USD) checking account. If you'd like to proceed with Option 2, simply fill out the form below. By submitting the form, you are NOT committing to create a merchant account and your credit will NOT be checked.

The rates and terms stated above are not guaranteed and are dependent upon credit approval and a review of your application. Approval is not guaranteed. The above rates and terms are for U.S. residents only. At this time, Durango is unable to set up merchant accounts for those living outside of the USA or Canada even if they have registered a US business entity.

Credit Card Processing Made Easy!


  • Accept all major credit cards on your website
  • No application fee
  • No long-term contract
  • No account termination fee
  • No business entity necessary
  • Generally approved within 48 hours
  • Special low rate of 2.35% for Store Coach members (plus $0.35 per transaction)
  • Low monthly service fee of $25
  • Can use 1 account for multiple domain names
  • Includes payment gateway - no other accounts necessary
  • Pre-integrated with BigCommerce
  • Customizable fraud protection settings
  • Amazing one-on-one human customer service
  • A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • Poor credit okay


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