My Blog Squad

My Blog Squad

Our 100% Hands-Free Blogging Service that Puts Your Blog on Auto-Pilot

Quick Overview

  • We research your market and find hot topics that will be of interest to your site's target audience
  • We write 100% unique blog entries that are 400+ words in length (plus we include images)
  • If you want us to, we even log in & post the entries on your blog (or we can email them to you - your choice)
  • If you get the "Social Blast" add-on, we will also post updates about each new post on your Facebook, Twitter & Google+ pages
  • The My Blog Squad service puts your blog (plus your social networking pages) 100% on auto-pilot
  • Every writer on the My Blog Squad team is a talented writer who was born and raised in the USA
  • No contract or long-term commitment - all plans are month-to-month with no set-up fee

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4 Reasons EVERY Website Needs an Active On-Site Blog...

MBS Fresh Content

1. An Active Website = Better Rankings

Google is not kind to sites that remain stagnant for weeks and months on end. It's critical that you're constantly adding new pages with unique, high-quality content to your site on an ongoing basis. And there's no better place to do this than on your on-site blog! By regularly new blog posts, you show Google that your site is active, fresh and current. This raises your Google Quality Score and Trust Score, leading to better rankings across the board.

MBS More Traffic

2. More Pages = More Direct Traffic

Each time a new blog post is added to your site, you're giving Google another page it can index and send searchers to. A lot of these blog pages will naturally rank quite high in the search results, particularly for multi-word "long tail keyword phrases" that you're likely not even targeting. Even if each long-tail phrase doesn't get a ton of traffic by itself, all of them collectively can result in a lot of additional traffic to your site, resulting in more sales.

MBS Internal Links

3. More Blog Posts = More Internal Links

Every new blog post creates an additional page on your site, which - if your blog is configured properly - contains links to the "important pages" that you're trying to get ranked (i.e. your home page, category pages, brand pages, etc.). These internal links on your blog pages "pass" your blog’s PageRank and Domain Authority (not to mention customers!) to your "money pages," improving their rankings and generating more sales.

MBS Social Hub

4. An Active Blog = Social Networking Hub

Are you struggling to get people to “like”, “follow” or link to the salesy commercial pages on your site? It's nearly impossible! On the other hand, it’s really easy to get people to “like”, “follow” and even link to interesting and helpful blog posts about trending hot topics they’re actually interested in! Social marketing can be extremely powerful, but you absolutely must have an interesting on-site blog if you ever hope to build a social following.

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Complete Control

Although My Blog Squad puts your blog on auto-pilot, you'll still be in complete control. When you subscribe, we'll ask you to tell us about your website & target audience and define the "scope" for our blog entries. And we'll put you in direct contact with your blog manager so you can give input and feedback any time. See the How It Works page to learn more.

Order a Test Post

Interested in this service but not quite ready to sign up for a monthly subscription? You can order a test post for only $12.97. You'll get to see the quality of our work first-hand and see how we can meet your needs specifically. We'll even credit the $12.97 cost towards your first month of service!