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Help Page for Members Outside the USA

Store Coach International MembersStore Coach is NOT just for US residents. Store Coach is for everyone interested in making money online, regardless of what country they live in. In fact, over one third of Store Coach Members live outside the United States. Some of those non-US members have chosen to build stores targeting their home country, while others have chosen to build a store targeting the US online shopping marketplace. Both approaches have their PROs and CONs (as we'll discuss below), but both are great options.

At the bottom of this page, you'll find answers to ALL of the common questions asked by our non-US members. But first, let's address the 3 most commonly asked questions...


It’s completely up to you, but we'll say this… About 75% of our members who live outside the United States choose to build a store that targets the USA marketplace. Why? Because the USA's online shopping marketplace is by far the largest in the world and therefore has the highest profit potential. Almost all Americans do a large percentage of their shopping online (much higher than in other countries throughout the world). And there really aren't very many extra requirements for building a USA-targeted store. Our US-Based Business Set-Up Guide (which is included FREE with Pro Membership) will help you easily complete those extra requirements.

But again, the decision is completely up to you. If your home country has a good-sized online shopping marketplace OR if the product you're planning to sell is especially popular in your home country, it may make the most sense for you to build a store targeting your home country instead.

You could "diversify" by launching 2 stores: one targeting the USA marketplace and one targeting your home country.


If your store is targeting the USA market, Pro Membership will be just as beneficial to you as it is for our US members, if not more beneficial to you. The US-Based Business Set-Up Guide included free with Pro Membership will guide you through the necessary steps to set up a US business entity and secure a US mailing address, phone number, etc.

If your store is targeting your home country's marketplace, Pro Membership will be almost as beneficial to you as it is for USA members, but there are a couple of tools that don't work for all countries. Niche Finder Pro (our tool for identifying golden niches) pulls data from (USA), (UK) and (Australia). And Rank Master Pro pulls data from only (USA). So these two tools may have limited benefit to you (depending on what country your store will target), but you will get maximum benefit from all of the other tools and benefits of Pro Membership.

Again, it doesn't matter whether you actually reside in the USA or not. The only thing that matters is what country your store will be targeting (i.e. where the customers live).


Having well-written, high-quality content is very important, both for getting your store ranked well in Google and for building visitors' trust so they feel comfortable ordering from your store. (Shoppers are "turned off" by content that doesn't read well.)

If you're planning to build a store targeting the USA market and you're not comfortable writing English content yourself, it is quite inexpensive to have the content written for you. There are a lot of websites that offer extremely affordable content writing services... click here to see our #1 recommendation for high-quality, affordable content.

Store Coach doesn't currently offer any solutions for writing product descriptions or web page copy, but we do have a great service for writing content for your store's on-site blog (which is very important for getting your store ranked well in Google). Click here to learn more about our blogging service.



If you plan to build a .com website targeting the USA marketplace and use dropship or wholesale suppliers located in the USA, you will likely need several of the following things:

  • A US business entity (Limited Liability Company, or LLC)
  • A US state-issued Seller’s Permit
  • A US tax ID number (Employer Identification Number, or EIN)
  • A US street address
  • A US toll-free phone number
  • A merchant account for accepting credit card payments from US customers
  • A debit card for paying your US-based suppliers

Our 19-page guide explains whether you'll need each of these things and how to get them for an affordable price. This PDF guide is not available to purchase separately, but it is INCLUDED FREE with Pro Membership.


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4. If I build a US-targeted store, do I need a US Limited Liability Company (LLC)? If so, what is the best state to register one in? And will I have to pay US income taxes?
5. If I build a US-targeted store, what merchant account providers (i.e. credit card processors) will work with me?
6. If I build a US-targeted store, how can I get a US phone number and US mailing address?
7. If I build a US-targeted store, will I need a US bank account?