Meet the Entire Store Coach Team

Head Coach

Dave Hermansen

After various offline entrepreneurial ventures and corporate job positions, Dave got started in eCommerce in  the Spring of 2003. At that time, there was very little information available on the web about how to build and market an online store. With nothing more than a $50 e-book he purchased on How To build a Yahoo Store, Dave largely learned eCommerce through trial and error. Over the years, he would participate in several Internet Marketing and SEO programs/courses, though he still credits most of his "education" to his hands-on experience through the 180+ stores he's built and operated. Dave is the creator of the majority of the content within our Academy here on Store Coach.


Kevin Hermansen

Kevin dabbled in eCommerce while attending college and working in corporate America. Despite making good money and being on the fast-track to become a partner at his CPA firm, he saw how much fun Dave and Mike were having and envied their flexible lifestyle. And they were making more money doing it! In 2010, Dave and Mike convinced Kevin to join them full-time in eCommerce. A few eyebrows were raised when Kevin told the firm's partners that he was resigning to go off and start building eCommerce sites, but Kevin hasn't missed his job in corporate America for a second! :)

Web Development

Mike Hermansen

Under Dave's tutelage, Mike began his eCommerce career in 2006 while simultaneously attending Idaho State University and working a couple of part-time jobs. After seeing immediate success with his first eCommerce store, Mike decided to go "all in"... he moved to Meridian and joined Dave full-time in 2007. Alongside Dave (and later Kevin), Mike has helped build, market and run dozens of successful eCommerce stores and has also coached and mentored thousands of students over the last 13 years. Mike is in charge of customer relations here at Store Coach, as well as web development.

Content Creation

Scott McKirahan

In 2009, Scott was laid off from his job. While searching for income opportunities online, he stumbled upon Coach Dave's story and eCommerce training course. He dove into the course and launched a couple online stores. Within 3 months, Scott had replaced his income from his last job. Within a year, he was making twice what he had made at any "real job" he'd ever had! In 2014, after working closely with Scott in the Store Coach community and seeing his passion and talent for coaching and mentoring others, the Hermansen's made Scott an official member of the Team.


Max Badesheim

Max graduated from Boise State University in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in English. He spent two years teaching English before deciding to change his focus and began pursuing a career in writing and SEO. In 2015, he joined the Store Coach team where he rapidly advanced to the position of operations manager and oversaw the development and daily work of a network of eCommerce stores with over 20 employees. He is an expert at paid advertising and marketing and now oversees all consulting projects, as well as many other aspects of the Store Coach portfolio.


Zach Miller

Zach graduated with a Counseling degree from Boise State University in 2013. While going to School, Zach built his own online stores and eventually partnered with Dave, Kevin & Mike on a network of eCommerce stores. Because the business was sold, Zach pursued a different career and worked for a successful jewelry company from 2014 to 2018. During this time, he worked hand-in-hand with manufacturers from around the world and helped develop & market products from scratch. Zach is now the Sales & Affiliate Manager for the Store Coach Academy.

A Few of Our Accomplishments


Textbooks for Sale

It's pretty crazy to think that buying textbooks from our local college's clearance bin and reselling them on Amazon is what got us into internet retail! :)


Our First Huge Success

Equipped with nothing more than some basic SEO knowledge, we launch two online parrot cage stores & have our first ever $100,000+ net profit year in eCommerce!


Everything Birds Sells for $200,000+

After nearly 2 years of clearing 6-figures of bottomline net profit from the two sites that made up Everything Birds, we sell for $173,000 on Flippa, and for $40,000 to a private party.


Featured in The New York Times

The attention garnered from selling on Flippa for $173,000 landed us in the New York Times as the featured story in the Business section (see the article here).


Featured on Fox Business News

Fox Business News also heard about our ongoing success in eCommerce and interviewed our very own Dave Hermansen on one of their broadcasts (see the interview here).


Sold for $149,000

The pitching machine store that we had launched a year earlier sold on Flippa for $149,000. This transaction lands us in a featured case study on Flippa's blog.

2010 is Born

After the sell of Pitching Machines Now, the Hermansen Brothers turn their full attention to building & launching Store Coach, with the goal of turning it into the world's best resource for entrepreneurs who are dedicated to online retail.


NFC Performance is sold for $100,000+

After starting with a run-down website that cost a couple thousand dollars, is transformed into an online specialty store worth 6 figures. A minority partner on the project buys the Hermansen Brothers out on the project based on a valuation of $115,000.


Our Brokering Service is Announced

After selling dozens of web businesses of our own and for private parties, Store Coach launched their own brokering service in 2015. The motto "Net More. Pay Less." still holds true for clients of the brokering service to this day.


The Store Coach Academy is Born

After 13 years of teaching people how to build eCommerce stores, our program was transformed into its current form of "The Store Coach Academy." A new emphasis on private labeling products is introduced to our students.

Contact Store Coach

Because we have so many members, we unfortunately do not have the time to offer free eCommerce help and advice. That's why we ask that you only reach out to us if you meet one of the following criteria:

  • You're a member of the Press
  • You'd like to have us on your internet marketing podcast or webinar
  • You have a question regarding the Academy training, a website listed for sale, or our website brokering services

If your question doesn't pertain to one of the above topics, we likely will not be able to take the time to answer it. Thank you!

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