Build An Online Store That's Highly Profitable! (Updated For 2020)

Our free training course will show you how to build a highly successful e-commerce business!

How life-changing would a new $3,000 monthly income be for you? And how about $6,000+ monthly? Probably a TON, and it's very achievable with our online store model.

This free training course will show you every step we take to build highly profitable online stores, starting with zero inventory or up front investment!

Sounds challenging, right? Well, it's honestly not! You just need to know what steps to take! We regularly build stores that net us $10,000+ monthly by using the exact steps you'll learn in this free training program!

Here's what our course covers:

Module 1

Niche Selection

In module 1 you'll learn how to choose which store model is the best fit for you and your lifestyle. We will also delve deep into niche research and show you how to determine what product(s) to build your store around.

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Module 2

Build Store

In module 2 you'll learn how to build a beautiful, SEO optimized online store that actually converts! We also cover how to choose a brand name for your store, register the domain name, and connect it to your store.

Module 2 »

Module 3

Paid Advertising

In module 3 you'll learn how to start paid advertising for your online store, focusing initially on the highest ROI ad types so you can start making money right out of the gate! We cover Facebook/Instagram ads, Adwords ads, Bing ads, and more.

Module 3 »

Module 4

Get Ranked

In module 4 you'll learn how to get ranked in Google and Bing so you can get loads of free organic traffic for your online store. We start with an SEO optimized site, then focus on driving worthwhile backlinks that boost your store's ranking signals.

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Module 5

Other Traffic

In module 5 you'll learn other worthwhile ways to drive targeted traffic to your online store. This includes expanding into other marketplaces like Amazon's, and getting influencers on social media to promote your products.

Module 5 »

Module 6

Scale & Cash Out

In module 6 you'll learn all of our secrets for scaling an online store, and we'll also discuss hiring help so you can step back and let your store run on auto-pilot! We also discuss the option of cashing out by selling your business for top dollar!

Module 6 »

Who are we & why listen to us?

The Store Coach Team: eCommerce Experts

We're a team of brothers (and friends) who've built 180+ highly profitable niche online stores since 2005, and we've helped hundreds of others do the same since releasing our first training program in 2007.

We won't drone on & on here about all of our accomplishments in eCom, but here's a quick summary of what the Store Coach team has accomplished:

(If you want to read the extended version of our eCommerce journey you can do so here.)

How do I know this will work for me?

The quickest & easiest way for us to prove that this works is to have you check out the e-commerce businesses for sale in our Website Marketplace.

The vast majority of the businesses listed in that marketplace were started using this free training course!

Why are we giving this info away?

Full transparency: we truly hope this free training course helps you make some good money from your first online store so you eventually apply for Pro membership (our advanced coaching program) to scale your business to a whole new level! Or who knows, maybe you'll partner with us on a store at some point!

Not to mention that if you really trust us you will follow us for life, and make Store Coach your go-to resource for all things eCommerce. And once you're successful you might buy a profitable online store from our Marketplace, or even possibly have us broker the sale of one of your successful online stores!

What store models does this free training cover?

Honestly, the course covers every major store model you can build on a standalone domain store, and even goes into good detail on launching a storefront on the Amazon Marketplace for your store's brand.

Store models covered:

  • Drop-shipping branded products from manufacturers or their distributors
  • Drop-shipping product from factories in Asia or anywhere else in the world
  • Self-fulfilling products from your own warehouse or a fulfillment center

What shopping cart platform do you recommend?

A beautiful, professional web store starts with Shopify. There's truly not a better all-in-one solution out there to run your store on!

Shopify not only gives you a professional looking website to list your products on, but it has built in payment processing (that can be activated instantly) so you can take credit/debit card payments!

With Shopify you can start a 2-week free trial and build your store out completely before even determining what domain name to get and tie to your store. After the free trial is over, Shopify plans start at just $29/month.

What will it cost to build out my online store?

Very little! Honestly you can implement everything taught in this guide for the cost of a domain name, which is about $10.

  • Software to run your store (we recommend Shopify) which has a free trial, so if profit from orders can't cover it you can cancel before that's up!
  • We recommend getting a branded domain name that your Shopify store can reside on, this costs under $10 per year with the registrar we recommend within the training course!
  • We recommend running some test pay-per-click ads right out of the gate to make sure you've built a store around a winning product line - but don't count that as a cost because revenue from sales often outweighs spend!
  • Once you start scaling there are some nice apps & tools you can consider for growth, but don't count these because they aren't invested in until the store's profits cover it!

That's truly it!

So what are you waiting for?

Our build-a-store training is 100% free and you can get your store launched for under $10 (the cost of a domain name for 1 year), and the potential upside is thousands of dollars per month starting next month! It's truly a no-brainer, so dive right in!

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