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Kevin Hermansen - Store Coach's Lead BrokerOver the past decade, we've brokered the sale of over 100 web-based businesses for a total transaction value of just over $18.3 million. And we'd love to broker the sale of your online business as well!

We generally get at least 40% more for your online business than you could get selling it yourself... plus, we'll do all the work for you! And unlike most website brokers, we don't charge any listing fees, vetting fees or up-front fees of any kind! If your site doesn't sell (which is extremely unlikely - we have a 92% success rate), you won't pay us a single penny. And our brokering fee is among the very lowest in the industry (despite the fact that we do more for our clients than anyone else)!

We provide A-to-Z all-inclusive brokering services. We handle absolutely everything for you... We create the sale listing, generate leads, screen (vet) potential buyers, handle all communications with prospective buyers (this saves you dozens/hundreds of hours!), manage the due diligence & closing process, and facilitate the asset & funds transfer.

We have an impeccable reputation (as you can see in our Flippa Broker Profile to the right), and our past clients rave about their experience selling their business through us and our top-notch service and professionalism.

Most importantly, we'll help you get top dollar for your web business. You will NET MORE & PAY LESS™ with Store Coach Brokering Service!

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Why Use Us As Your Broker?

  No up-front fees of any kind
  92% success rate (and fast!)
  Lowest commission structure

Overview of Our Brokering Service

Overview of the Selling Process

1. Sign Simple 1-Page Broker Agreement
This simple contract spells out everything we'll do as your broker to get your business sold, the term of the agreement, and the brokering fee you'll pay us after your business is successfully sold.

2. Create Sale Listing
We'll send you a list of all the information & logins (read-access only) we need to prepare the listing. We'll then create the listing, get your feedback, and make any requested changes until you're 100% happy with it and give us the "green light" to take it live.

3. Post Sale Listing in Multiple Marketplaces
We'll list your site in multiple high-traffic marketplaces, including the Store Coach Marketplace,, and more. (Note: If you'd prefer that we not list in all of these marketplaces, we certainly don't have to... it's up to you.)

4. Extensive Promotion & Outreach
We'll notify our huge mailing list (comprised of tens of thousands of potential buyers) of your listing. Most of our listings are also featured in Flippa's weekly newsletters. Plus, we have co-broker relationships with several other brokers, who also promote our listings to their lists.

5. Field Inquiries from Prospective Buyers
This is where the "heavy lifting" really begins. Since we don't know which of the hundreds of people who inquire about the business will turn out to be the eventual buyer, we treat ALL potential buyers as if they'll end up being "the one." We'll handle ALL of the back-and-forth communications with potential buyers so you don't have to (this saves you dozens/hundreds of hours)!

6. Help You Negotiate Offers
We'll consult with you on how to respond to offers to help you get as much for your business as possible. We've negotiated hundreds of offers and have extensive experience putting together deal structures that work for both parties. Ultimately, it's up to you whether you accept any given offer or counter-offer.

7. Sign Letter of Intent (LOI)
Once we come to terms with a buyer on the basic deal structure, both you and the buyer will sign a Letter of Intent (LOI). This isn't the final agreement (see step 9 below), but it puts the deal in "pending" status (much like a home sale being "under contract") and allows us to move into final due diligence and toward closing.

8. Complete Due Diligence Process
The buyer has typically already done quite a bit of due diligence before getting to this point, but we'll assist him/her with completing their due diligence. This is typically the step where the buyer will want to have a phone call or two with you to talk about operations, growth opportunities, etc.

9. Sign Asset Purchase Agreement (APA)
Closing time! To consummate the deal, you and the buyer will both sign the definitive Asset Purchase Agreement (APA). The APA spells out all the terms of the sale, including how the assets and funds will be transferred (see step 10 below).

10. Transfer Assets & Funds
We'll manage the transfer of the sale proceeds to you, as well as the transfer of the business assets & accounts to the buyer. This process is typically handled through escrow, ensuring that both parties are fully protected.