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Need expert consulting for your eCommerce business? Well, we are the team that can help you out! Our 4 owners have a combined 57 years of experience with niche eCommerce, and there's nothing we haven't seen or dealt with before.

The Store Coach team has built 180+ private portfolio stores since 2003 and have consulted on at least one thousand others! We can help you increase revenue and profits by helping you boost your conversion rate and your organic traffic from Google & Bing!

Here's how we do it:

  1. We start with an in depth analysis of your eCommerce business to determine what you're doing well and what you could improve on, this includes looking at your conversion factors and analyzing your on page SEO and backlink profile.
  2. We then provide a detailed action steps list based on the analysis we completed. This includes the title tag, meta description, and on page SEO checklist steps for every page on your website. Our action steps will also include tweaks that should be made to your site to maximize value-per-visitor and conversion rate.
  3. We then start giving you powerful backlinks! Our network includes strong authority sites that we can point highly relevant backlinks at your site's various pages to increase your rankings in Google & Bing.
  4. We always provide a monthly  report that's both detailed and transparent, and shows the progress that's being made in your rankings & traffic levels. This includes a list of every keyword phrase your site ranks for, the movement you've made, and any other improvements we feel are necessary.

What makes us different?

To put it bluntly: we get results! We know that organic traffic and conversion rate are a couple of the biggest factors for your eCommerce business's profitability, and we take that very seriously. We understand that you cannot pay for consulting if you aren't seeing results, so we strive to increase your bottom line by more than our service costs by the end of the first 30 days of your commitment to us!

Cancel our eCommerce consulting services any timeWe're so sure that you'll be satisfied with our eCommerce consulting that we:

  • do not charge a setup fee
  • do not require a contract
  • do not require a time commitment
  • do not push up-sells on you

Try to find another reputable eCommerce consulting outfit that is that confident with their service. Most will try to get you to commit to a 6, or even 12 month contract and will also charge you a massive setup fee up front - we're different!

Ready to get started?

To get a proposal from us and/or set up an intro call with us simply fill out the zero-obligation inquiry form below.

While you're waiting to hear back from us, why don't you get to know our team...


Dave Hermansen

Dave Hermansen: eCommerce Consulting Lead

Dave is from the "eCommerce School of Hard Knocks" - if there is such a thing! He's been in the world of eCommerce since its inception in the early 2000's and basically had to learn everything the hard way, through trial & error! He's been involved with the creation of all 180+ of the team's niche eCommerce stores. Dave started his career as a respected SEO with a successful eCommerce SEO agency and later started building massively successful niche stores of his own. Dave heads up our eCommerce Consulting service and is the main point of contact for our clients.

Kevin Hermansen

Kevin Hermansen: Analytical eCommerce Consultant

Kevin is an accounting and analytics genius and has been involved in the world of eCommerce and business accounting for nearly 2 full decades. He graduated at the very top of his class in business accounting at BYU and was formerly, before bailing to work full-time with Dave, on the fast-track to partner at the extremely reputable accounting firm Cooper Norman. Kevin heads up the business brokering service at Store Coach but he is also involved in visitor metric and SEO analysis for our eCommerce Consulting service.

Mike Hermansen

Mike Hermansen: Website Design Consultant

Mike joined Dave in 2006 and quickly became his go-to website architect and design expert. Mike has an eye for graphic & website design and is a true wiz at restructuring web stores to achieve better visitor metrics through an improved shopping experience. Mike is Store Coach's on staff Shopify expert, and also has extensive experience with BigCommerce, Woocommerce for Wordpress, Shift4Shop (3DCart), and several other CSS + HTML/PHP based platforms. Mike is highly involved with the up front analysis that's done for our eCommerce consulting clients and makes most of the suggested changes for visitor metric improvements in the action checklist that we initially create.

Scott McKirahan

Scott Mckirahan: On-Page SEO eCommerce Consultant

Scott is 14-year eCommerce veteran with a serious knack for on page SEO optimization and website copy. Scott originally joined Store Coach's community as a student and has since grown into one of the world's top eCommerce SEO optimization experts. His pitching machine store dominates Google & Bing SERPs for most of the targeted phrases in that market (i.e. his store is #1 for the search phrase 'best pitching machine' on Google among dozens of other highly sought after phrases in that market!). Scott is highly involved in the on page SEO analysis portion of our eCommerce consulting service and oversees the client's implementation of the action steps we provide for our clients up front.

Here's Our Process Flow


In Depth Website Analysis

Our service starts by doing an exhaustive analysis of your web store and the market it's competing within. We create an insanely extensive list of improvements that can be made to maximize value-per-visitor, and we also create a keyword optimization plan for you to implement (complete with target phrases for each page, handwritten Title tags and a clear-cut list of optimization steps).

    In-Depth analysis of your eCommerce store
    STEP 2

    Implement Our Action Steps Checklist

    With Coach Scott MicKirahan's help you completely implement our initial action steps checklist on your store. This should not only significantly increase your site's value-per-visitor and overall visitor metrics numbers, but it truly optimizes your website for better organic rankings in Google & Bing.

    Steps to a successful eCommerce store
    STEP 3

    The Backlinking Begins

    We use our powerful site network to slowly & naturally build highly relevant backlinks to your website. Teamed with the killer up front on page optimization, this leads to massive improvement in your organic rankings in the major search engines.

    Relevant backlinks for improved rankings
    STEP 4

    Monthly Reporting

    To show you the results, along with getting more traffic and orders on your website, we will provide clear reports each month that show you the movement your website is making in Google's SERPs. These monthly reports will also include any additional recommended on site changes we feel are necessary to further boost your rankings and conversion rate.

    Detailed monthly reports showing our progress

    Let's Get Rolling!

    We'll start off by doing a quick review of your eCommerce store, so fill out the form below and we'll get back to you within 1-2 business days!