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Seriously, apply yourself for 45 minutes and you'll have a product you can private label - without any cash up front - and make serious money with!

Find Private Label Products with Sell The Trend ToolThis free guide will show you exactly how we find products using Sell The Trend (STT) that can be private labeled and sold at a huge markup! (With zero up front investment in inventory!)

Sounds challenging, right? Well, it's honestly not! You just need to know where to look and what to look for!

We regularly find single products that net us $5,000+ monthly by using the exact steps you'll learn below.

How do I know this will work for me?

The quickest & easiest way for us to prove that this works is to have you check out the e-commerce businesses for sale in our Website Marketplace.

The vast majority of the businesses listed in that marketplace were started using our free training on building online stores (this page you're reading now is a supplemental guide that's linked to from that free course!).

Why are we giving this info away?

To be frank, we want you to start making some money so later on you'll join Pro member to scale your already profitable online store to a whole new level!

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So what is private labeling, exactly?

(Already know what private label is? Just straight to the steps.)

Private labeling is taking a generic 'base product' and making it a 'branded product' by adding your own custom label, your own custom packaging, and/or an embroidered/printed logo to it.

Think Costco's Kirkland brand. They find the best of any one product type and work out a deal to sell it themselves with the Kirkland labeling. That's a true private label or 'white label' setup.

There are companies (like Private Label Worx) that will private label any of their thousands of 'base products' for you so you can build your own brand. You can also use a print-on-demand (POD) service (like Printify) to print custom text/graphics on numerous physical base products (like t-shirts or mugs), or you can find a generic product made by a factory (on sites like and work with the factory to have it private labeled.

So why private label?

The main reasons to private label a product are:

  1. You can make a product look exclusive (aka not available elsewhere).
  2. You can add perceived value to a product and make it seem more valuable.
  3. You can basically name your own price (because of #1 and #2!).

So all-in-all private labeling (which we'll often refer to as PL) allows you to appear to be the exclusive retailer of a product that has a high perceived value. Therefore allowing you to make great margins and avoid price wars with other retailers!

And what's best about the Store Coach private label model is that you can start selling your PL products with little-or-no up front investment in inventory.

Brainstorming with purpose

When we're brainstorming product ideas we want to be organized and focused. So if you didn't already download it within module 1, snag a copy of our product ideas sheet. This will be used to save any & all product ideas we come up using the STT tool in the steps to come.

HINT: If you don't already have a program that can open & edit Excel files, we recommend downloading and using OpenOffice (a free program).

Let's Start Brainstorming

Let's get into brainstorming products that would potentially make killer private label products. This is when the fun starts!

Finding "Early Trend" Products with Sell The Trend

Before you start the video, quickly create a free trial account on SellTheTrend (STT). That link sends you to a 7-day free trial account, and you can easily find dozens of products before that's up!

Once you go through the final sections of Module 1 and select the niche category to build your store around, you're welcome to cancel your free trial of STT. However, there are some really cool features built into STT that you're likely to want to use later, like '1-click-product-to-store' and .

HINT: If you ever become a Pro Member here at Store Coach, we'd recommend canceling the STT account you set up for this step, and then subscribing again with the STT sign up link that's inside your Pro Membership Dashboard. This is because the sign up link inside Pro gives you a permanent 25% discount on the monthly subscription fee.

Once you've found a bunch of promising product ideas, jump to Section 5 of Module 1 to analyze your ideas and select the niche to build your online store around!

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