Free Online Business Valuation

Most online businesses sell for somewhere between 20x and 60x their average monthly net profit. So for example, a site netting $10,000/month in profit may be worth anywhere from $200,000 to $600,000. That's obviously a HUGE range... and not terribly helpful to business owners wanting to know the true value of their web-based business!

Where any given online business falls within this 20x - 60x range depends on several factors, the key factors being:

  • the age of the business
  • its revenue/profit trend in recent months
  • the site's traffic profile (i.e. free vs. paid traffic)
  • sourcing considerations (barriers to entry, exclusivity, etc.)
  • time required to operate the business
  • customer/email lists, social followers, etc.

Our FREE online business valuation tool takes you through a short 5-minute interview to collect key information about your business so we can generate an accurate valuation. After you complete this short interview, our brokering team will manually review your answers and analyze your site/business and put together a custom business valuation... all free of charge and obligation-free!