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Credit Card Processing with a Merchant Account

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Have You Seen Our US Business Setup Guide Yet?

If you live outside the United States or Canada, getting set up for business in the US can be tricky. Our comprehensive guide will step you through each of these challenges. This guide is included FREE with your purchase of Pro Membership! [/dropshadowbox]

Option #1 - PayPal Website Payments Pro (UK only)

If you're located in the United Kingdom, your best option for a merchant account will be PayPal Website Payments Pro. This is different from having a personal or even a business PayPal account. Website Payments Pro is a full-blown merchant account and allows customers to check out and pay with a credit card right on your website. The merchant account just happens to be provided by the company PayPal (instead of some other bank). Customers do NOT leave your website and check out on PayPal like they do with PayPal Standard (see option #5 below). Website Payments Pro costs £20 per month and includes the secure payment gateway (so you don't need to get a separate gateway account). There is no long-term contract, no monthly minimum and no cancellation fee. The per-transaction discount rate is normally quite low. The page linked to above shows a number you can call to inquire about what rate you'd be able to get.

Option #2 - 2CheckOut (aka 2CO) offers an interesting solution that is like a merchant account but a little different. When customers go to check out they are taken off of your website to a secure 2CO page where they enter their payment information and finalize the order. This secure payment page can be customized quite a bit so it has your store logo and matches your site's color scheme. After making payment, the customer is re-directed automatically to the confirmation (thank you) page on your website. 2CO is fully integrated with BigCommerce, so set-up is as simple as inserting your 2CO ID numbers into your BigCommerce Admin Panel. 2CO can set up an account for virtually anyone in the world (there are only 5 prohibited countries, per US law). There is no setup fee, and there are NO monthly fees, statement fees, gateway fees, or hidden fees of any kind. The only ongoing fee is the per-transaction fee, which varies by country. Click here to sign up for a 2CheckOut account.

Option #3 - WorldPay

We've reached out to, who is an authorized agent for WorldPay, a leading provider of international merchant accounts. Our contact at has been very successful getting international merchant accounts set up for people living in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, and many other countries throughout the world. WorldPay's terms and fees are dependent upon what country you're located in, but there is usually a set-up fee of around $200 and the per-transaction processing fee is usually around 3.95% - 5.00%. WorldPay is fully integrated with BigCommerce, so set-up is as easy as inputing a couple WorldPay ID numbers into your BigCommerce Admin Panel. To inquire about WorldPay's rates and terms for your country, simply send an email to with the following info (just copy & paste the following text into the body of the e-mail): Name: Business Name: Email address: Phone number: Address (including country): Domain name(s): Description of products: *REFERRED BY STORECOACH.COM*

Option #4 - Bank in USA

Most banks in the United States offer merchant account services to their clients. Thus, if you are able to set up a US bank account, your bank may be able to set you up with a merchant account. Your best bet is to contact international banks in your home country that have branches in multiple countries throughout the world (including the United States). Obviously, the terms and rates will vary from bank to bank.

Option #5 - PayPal Standard

PayPal Standard is an off-site payment processing option in most countries throughout the world. Some people love PayPal while others don't. Furthermore, many people are unaware of the fact that they don't need to have a PayPal account in order to pay via PayPal (i.e. they don't realize they can pay by credit card at PayPal without having to create a PayPal account). We recommend that all store owners (especially those outside the USA) offer PayPal as a checkout option on their site, in addition to offering 1 of the 4 methods listed above.

Credit Card Processing with a Merchant Account

Select your location: United States  |  Canada  |  Other countries Get the Same Great Rates as US Residents with Durango Merchant Services [su_row] [su_column size="2/3"] If you're located in Canada, our friends at Durango Merchant Services have a couple great merchant account options for you... Option 1 - If you're willing to set up a free US bank account (Durango can help you get it set up), Durango can get you approved through their US processing bank. You'll get the same great rates (2.35%) and terms (no application fee, no early termination fee, multiple domains/sites through the same account, etc.) as US applicants get! You do NOT need a US business entity, a US Social Security Number, or a US mailing address! Just fill out the form on the US page to submit your pre-application! Option 2 - If you'd rather not set up a free US bank account, Durango can still get you approved for a merchant account... but the rates and terms aren't quite as good. Because of cross-border fees charged by the credit card companies, the transaction rate is 3.39% (instead of 2.35%). There's also a $25 application fee, and the account can only be used for 1 domain/site. This merchant account will enable you to sell in USD currency to customers in the USA. You will need to apply as a Canadian business entity and link the merchant account to a Canadian-based (USD) checking account. If you'd like to proceed with Option 2, simply fill out the form below. By submitting the form, you are NOT committing to create a merchant account and your credit will NOT be checked. [su_divider top="no" style="dashed" size="1"] [ninja_forms id=54] The rates and terms stated above are not guaranteed and are dependent upon credit approval and a review of your application. Approval is not guaranteed. The above rates and terms are for U.S. residents only. At this time, Durango is unable to set up merchant accounts for those living outside of the USA or Canada even if they have registered a US business entity. [/su_column] [su_column size="1/3"]

Credit Card Processing Made Easy!

  • Accept all major credit cards on your website
  • No application fee
  • No long-term contract
  • No account termination fee
  • No business entity necessary
  • Generally approved within 48 hours
  • Special low rate of 2.35% for Store Coach members (plus $0.35 per transaction)
  • Low monthly service fee of $25
  • Can use 1 account for multiple domain names
  • Includes payment gateway - no other accounts necessary
  • Pre-integrated with BigCommerce
  • Customizable fraud protection settings
  • Amazing one-on-one human customer service
  • A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • Poor credit okay
  [/su_column] [/su_row]

Canada Merchant Account Frequently Asked Questions

[su_accordion] [su_spoiler title="What is the benefit of getting a merchant account?" style="fancy"]Having a merchant account allows you to accept credit card payments without customers ever having to leave your site. Keeping customers on your site throughout the entire checkout process greatly improves your conversion rate (the percentage of visitors who place an order). Accepting credit card payments right on your website makes your store look professional and makes the purchase process much more "slick" and seamless.[/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title="Do I have to get a merchant account to operate an online store?" style="fancy"]No, you are not required to get a merchant account to run your own ecommerce store. If you want, you can just set up a PayPal business account and offer PayPal as the only checkout method. But there are 3 major drawbacks to doing this:
  1. A lot of people mistakenly think that they must have a PayPal account themselves in order to pay via PayPal, so you lose out on a lot of orders.
  2. Some people have had bad experiences with PayPal (or heard "horror stories" about PayPal) and refuse to use it, so you miss out on more potential orders.
  3. You'll pay a higher rate with PayPal (2.90%) than you will with Durango (2.35%).
For these reasons, we recommend that you sign up for a merchant account as soon as your store starts generating traffic and makes a couple sales.[/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title="If I get a merchant account, do I need to get anything else to make it work (i.e. secure payment gateway, SSL certificate, etc.)?" style="fancy"]Durango merchant accounts include a secure payment gateway, so you do NOT need to go out and get a gateway account through Authorize.Net or some other provider. Durango's payment gateway (which is called NMI) has been pre-configured to work with BigCommerce, making it a 2-minute piece of cake to tie your BigCommerce store to your Durango merchant account. The only other thing you'll need in order to accept credit card payments on your site is an SSL Certificate, which only costs $12.99 per year through the above link. An SSL Certificate is required to safeguard sensitive personal and financial information customers enter on your site during the checkout process.[/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title="Is American Express separate? What's the monthly charge to accept American Express?" style="fancy"]Yes, American Express has opted to "do their own thing" and make you set up a separate merchant account directly with them. That being said, when you apply for a merchant account through Durango, they handle 100% of the application process for you as part of the process of setting up your merchant account. American Express charges a separate $7.95 monthly fee if you choose to accept AMEX cards (which is completely optional; your Durango account manager will ask whether you want to accept AMEX as part of the application process).[/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title="Can I use a single Durango merchant account for multiple ecommerce stores with different domain names?" style="fancy"]Yes, Durango allows you to use your merchant account for as many different stores as you want, even if they're not in the same niche or market. It is very uncommon among merchant account providers to allow you to do this. Most providers require you to set up a separate account for each and every domain name (See the next FAQ below for information about what name will appear on customers' credit card statement).[/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title="What name will show up on my customers' credit card statement when they purchase something from (one of) my store(s)?" style="fancy"]If you will only be using your merchant account for 1 online store, Durango will set it up so that customers see your domain name on their credit card statement (i.e. YOUR-DOMAIN.COM). If you will be using a single Durango merchant account for multiple stores, Durango will set it up so that customers see your DBA or business name on their credit card statement.[/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title="I'm in the middle of the application process and it looks to me like there IS a long-term contract... but the informational page on Store Coach says there's not. What's the deal?" style="fancy"]Technically, the agreement you'll sign is a 3-year contract, BUT Durango has a special agreement with the processing bank (exclusively for Store Coach members) wherein the standard early termination (cancellation) fees are WAIVED if you cancel before the 3-year term is up. So effectively there is no long-term contract or cancellation fee.[/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title="Is there a minimum monthly fee with Durango?" style="fancy"]Virtually every merchant account has a monthly minimum fee, including Durango Merchant Services. Durango's monthly minimum fee is on the low end at just $15 (most credit card processing banks have a mninimum fee of $25 per month). The minimum fee only comes into play if you're not making very many sales at all. If you're making just a handful of sales per month (~$600 worth of sales), the monthly minimum fee will not affect you at all. With the per-transaction fee being 2.35%, the standard transaction fees will get you over the $15 monthly minimum if you're processing at least ~$600 of sales per month.[/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title="I want to get this merchant account set up ASAP. Is there any way I can expedite the process?" style="fancy"]There are a few things Durango is going to need from you. The sooner you send these items to them, the faster they can process your application. The items are:
  • A clear copy of your driver’s license
  • A voided check to confirm the account for deposits
  • Articles of Organization/Incorporation or business license (IF the merchant account will be in the name of your DBA or business)
  • The previous 3 months of merchant account statements (IF you currently have a merchant account which you are replacing)
Fax all of the above items to (413) 431-2720.[/su_spoiler] [/su_accordion]