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Module 5: Daily Operations & Time Management

What we'll cover in this module:


In the previous modules of this free store building course we chose our store model, found a niche product linesourced dropship productsbuilt & launched our store on Shopify, and here in Module 5 we'll learn how to handle the operations of your eCommerce store!

HINT: Just like in Modules 1-4, each step below contains a 'Learn' section (indicated by the icon) that teaches you why the step is necessary, then an 'Execute' section (indicated by the icon) that indicates how to actually complete the step. We'll again indicate the differences between model 1 and model 2 stores, and if you need a definition of each you can see that here.

What's our goal in this module?

The goal of module 5 is to learn exactly how to correctly operate your eCommerce store from day-to-day and how to best manage our time. We will learn how to deal with customers, how to deal with suppliers, and how to handle common problems that may arise.

5.1 Ongoing Operational Tasks


There are several ongoing tasks that are required to maintain your online store. We will break down each task and go into detail below.

Customer Service

The most vital ongoing task is customer service (aka CS). This entails not only placing orders that come into your store with the supplier, but also answering pre-purchase & post-purchase questions, and offering support to customers who experience problems.

By simply manning your toll-free phone number and periodically checking your emails you can handle all CS tasks that arise.

HINT: You will not be an expert on your products on day 1, but you will become one over time. We highly recommend answering the phone and responding to customer inquiries as quickly as possible as this maximizes the chances of converting inquirers into buyers. If someone asks something you don't know the answer to, simply reply with "I'm relatively new here and not sure on that, but let me speak with my manager and I'll give you a call back with an answer in just a few minutes!" Then research the topic by Googling it or reaching out to a representative at your supplier before reaching back out to your potential customer.

Placing Orders

As orders are placed on your store you will need to a) make sure they are fulfilled, and b) make sure the customer is given tracking details once their order ships. How to place orders with your supplier is dependent on the supplier themselves

    5.2 Accounting Made Easy


    Managing your stores accounting doesn't need to be a nightmare, but if you don't have a system up front and get behind it certainly will become one!

    Managing your stores accounting doesn't need to be a nightmare, but if you don't have a system up front and get behind it certainly will become one!


    5.3 Time Management


    Time management skills and creating a productive workspace are vital to the success of your new online business.


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