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Newly relaunched this year, we're pleased to announce the return of our Partner With Coach program. Rather than just going through our do-it-yourself eCommerce training course, you now have the opportunity to partner with us on an eCommerce store. We've built nearly 200 successful eCommerce stores (and consulted on hundreds of others), many of which have gone on to sell for well over $100,000 in our Website Marketplace! Whether you're an experienced Internet marketer or just a "newbie" who's just getting started, partnering with veterans who have 60+ years of combined experience can't be a bad choice!

What You'll Be Getting:

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For additional information about this opportunity, finish reading this page as well as our FAQ's section. Alternatively, call us at (855) 526-2245! A Store Coach representative is standing by during regular business hours to assist you.

How Does Partner w/ Coach Work?

Step 1: Sign Contract & Choose Niche

The Partner w/ Coach opportunity costs $9,995 for the initial build & gives Store Coach 20% ownership in the eventual store profits. To make the partnership official, a simple contract needs to be signed by both parties. Once we get past all the legal mumbo-jumbo, we can get down to business! We will provide a few niches for you to choose from and the pros & cons of each. Once a niche is chosen, we will begin building your store!

Step 2: Build Store

This isn't going to be your run-of-the-mill, mundane, thrown together eCommerce store. We're going to build a kick-butt store that includes all the bells & whistles, including a professional logo, support pages, & product pages. We're going to build a store that's optimized to rank high organically in Google & be successful for years to come! We'll also come up with a unique marketing plan for your store for maximum success!

Step 3: Launch & Deliver Store

We have every intention in the world of making this a successful venture with you. Rather than just handing the keys over to you and letting you "figure it out" on your own, we'll get your initial advertising completely set up & have a kickoff call to make sure you're feeling confident & informed, ready to take the reins! By the time the delivery process is complete, you'll have a firm grasp on how to successfully manage your store.

Step 4: Maintain & Support

If you have a question or concern about your store, we'll be there to offer our support, guidance and know-how! After all... we don't make money if you're not making money! Not only do we offer email support for each & every question that arises, but we'll also be available for a monthly strategy & goal planning call! We'll also continuously be tracking the store's key metrics and will reach out to you if we see anything amiss.

Step 5: Share in the Spoils

As per the agreement that we will both sign, you will own 80% of the business and we will own 20% of the business. As such, you will get 80% of the profits and we will get 20% of the profits. This same percentage applies to if/when the business is eventually sold off to a third party. Our goals are perfectly aligned because when one party succeeds, so does the other!

No-Obligation Application Form

Complete the application below to indicate interest in the Partner w/ Coach program! Filling out the application doesn't guarantee a partnership with us, nor does it obligate you to do so if we extend an invite. It's just a good way for us to open up a conversation about potentially partnering!

Frequently Asked Questions

Still Have Questions?

The quickest & easiest way to get your questions answered is by giving us a call at 855-526-2245! We try to answer all phone calls during regular business hours. If we don't answer, leave us a message and we'll try to get back to you that same day. We also encourage you to fill out an application above. This no-obligation application gives us the information we'll need to decide whether you'd be a good fit for the program.