Pro Members of Store Coach

As you can see by the updates to the Store Coach site, a lot of changes are in the works. One of those changes is the discontinuation of Pro Membership. As of December 1st, 2018, Pro Membership is going away completely.

Before you hit the panic button, please know that this was not a decision that we came to quickly or easily. We have no intention of leaving anybody stranded in the middle of the process of building a store to fend for themselves. Yes, we've made changes. But we believe that the changes we're making are going to make it easier for you to succeed in eCommerce.

Historically, Store Coach has tried to be your one-stop-shop for all things eCommerce. Unfortunately, this just wasn't realistic. We found ourselves spread too thin trying to keep tools up-to-date and coming up with the latest & greatest services. Our training is still second to none, but rather than trying to offer everything under the sun, we're trimming our offering of tools & services down to just four.

In a nutshell, here are the things that are going away:

  • Niche Finder Pro & Rank Master Pro (Dropship Blueprint includes new training material, as well as some recommendations on how to find successful niches and build backlinks)
  • Coach's Supplier Directory
  • Private Consulting (although you can still receive private consulting if you take advantage of our new Partner w/ Coach program)

Many of you might be disappointed with these changes, but before you get too down in the dumps, we also have a lot of really cool and exciting things happening!

Check out the new things that we have going on at Store Coach:

  • Our training course has been fully updated and is now accessible at Also, the training can now be purchased for a one-time fee rather than a monthly subscription. For those of you who are still paying the monthly Pro Membership fee, click here to see what options are available to you.
  • Our Website Marketplace is becoming a major emphasis moving forward. Historically, we've only listed sites for sale if they were making at least 6 figures each year. That's no longer the case. For those of you with smaller budgets, there's likely a site listed for sale that will work for you!
  • Beginning in January, 2019, we are launching our new 'Partner w/ Coach' program! For years, students have been begging for a service like this and we finally listened. When you partner with us, not only will you get a professionally built store, but you'll also be getting us as partners long-term! With decades of experience between us, there's no better way to jump-start your eCommerce empire. Click here for more details!

As always, our goal is to help people succeed with eCommerce. We feel strongly that our new site(s) will help people succeed more than ever. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, be sure to write to us. We'd be happy to hear from you!