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Facebook Ads Module

There are lots of ways you can get traffic to your store that converts, but for this style of store there's no better way - at least in the beginning - than utilizing Facebook ads!

So in this module we will cover the following:

  1. Setting up your Facebook ads account
  2. Running your Facebook ad tests to find winners
  3. Scaling & expanding any winning ads

So let's get into it!

Create a Page for your Business

The very first step is creating a page on Facebook for your business, and you do that here. Upon initial setup you don't need much in place, but cruise through and update everything you can quick.

The only two graphics you need up front are the cover (banner across top) and the icon (top-left, which will be a giant letter by default).

HINT: the recommended "cover" size (which is the main banner across the top) is 640px x 360px if you're creating one in Canva or hiring that out.

Honestly, the details of your page on FB are not all that important for your success.

Just make sure your graphics look professional and that the color scheme matches your site's (you can find the colors you're using in Shopify admin at Online Store > Themes > Customize > Theme Settings > Colors, then clicking into each color to grab the color hex code).

Create a Page for your Business

The very first step is creating a p

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