Create 6-figure dropship stores without inventory or startup cash!

How life-changing would a new $3,000 monthly income be for you? How about $6,000, or even $10,000+? Probably a ton, and it's very achievable with the type of dropshipping stores this free training course will teach you how to build!

This free training course will show you every step we take to build highly profitable dropship stores without inventory and almost zero up front working capital!

Sounds challenging, right? Well, it's really not! You just need to know what steps to take, and this course walks you through each one in great detail! We regularly build stores that net us $100,000+ annually by using the exact steps you'll learn in this free course!

So what are you waiting for, let's get started!

Have questions before getting started? Read through the FAQs below.

Dropshipping Models

Learn the differences between high ticket dropshipping and "impulse buy" AliExpress dropshipping, and then you'll choose a model for your next online store.

Choosing a Niche

You'll learn the exact steps we take to find dropshipping niches that are primed for success. It's all about supply vs. demand and we'll show you how we analyze that.

Finding Dropshippers

In module 3 you'll learn how we find legitimate wholesale dropship suppliers who are willing to ship their brand name products directly to your customers.

Build Your Site

In module 4 you'll learn exactly how we build a niche eCommerce website from scratch using Shopify, the best eCommerce platform for dropship stores!

eCommerce Operations

Learn how to handle eCommerce operations so your store runs efficiently. Also learn how to hire & manage a team, and what ongoing tasks make sense to outsource.


Learn how to handle eCommerce operations so your store runs efficiently. Also learn how to hire & manage a team, and what ongoing tasks make sense to outsource.


In module 7 you'll learn how to get ranked in the search engines (like Google & Bing) so you can get unlimited free organic traffic & potential customers for your web store!

Automating & Scaling

You'll learn about eCommerce automation and how to scale your store. We'll also discuss when it makes sense to cash out by selling your niche store for top dollar!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we and why listen to us?

We're a team of brothers (and friends) who've built 180+ highly profitable niche dropship stores since 2005, and we've helped several thousand others do the same since releasing our first training program in 2007.

We won't drone on and on here about all of our accomplishments in eCommerce, but here's a quick summary of what the Store Coach team has accomplished:

- 180+ successful online dropship niche stores
- Featured in national media like the The New York Times and Fox Business News
- Helped hundreds build and/or sell their eCommerce businesses (like Trevor, who sold his niche eCommerce store for $8.15M)

If you want to read the extended version of our eCommerce journey, you can do so here.

How do I know this will work for me?

The quickest and easiest way for us to prove that this works (not just for us, but for our Members as well) is to have you check out the e-commerce businesses for sale in our Website Marketplace. The vast majority of the businesses that have been sold in our marketplace were started using this free training course by individuals like you!

Why are we giving this info away for free?

Full transparency: Our hope is that this free training course helps you make good money with your store so that later on when you're ready for a new adventure you'll trust us to be your website broker!

Websites generally sell for far more in our marketplace than individuals can get selling them on their own, and that's specifically what they "net" after our brokering fee, so it's a clear win-win scenario!

We also get small commissions for tools & services that we recommend inside of the course, but we only recommend what we use and believe in! Oh, and nothing we recommend is needed, especially before you're launched and profitable.

What store models does this free training cover?

Honestly, the course is focused on high ticket dropshipping model stores, but 95% of it applies to every model of eCommerce store that's out there. Here are the store models that exist and can be created & marketed using our training:

- Dropshipping branded products from manufacturers or their distributors (this is what the course covers in detail!)
- Dropshipping product from factories in Asia or anywhere else in the world (aka "AliExpress Dropshipping")
- Self-fulfilling products from your own warehouse or a fulfillment center (the same as a dropshipping store but you carry inventory or "self-fulfill" orders)

What shopping cart platform do you recommend?

A beautiful, professional web store starts with Shopify. There's truly not a better all-in-one solution out there to run your store on!

Shopify not only gives you a professional looking website to list your products on, but it has built in payment processing (that can be activated instantly) so you can take credit/debit card payments!

With Shopify you can start a 2-week free trial and build your store out completely before even determining what domain name to get and tie to your store. After the free trial is over, Shopify plans start at just $29/month.

What will it cost to build my online store?

Very little! Honestly you can implement everything taught in this guide for the cost of a domain name, which is about $10.

- Software to run your store (we recommend Shopify) which has a free trial, so if profit from orders can't cover it you can cancel before that's up!
- We recommend getting a branded domain name that your Shopify store can reside on, this costs under $10 per year with the registrar we recommend within the training course!
- We recommend running some test pay-per-click ads right out of the gate to make sure you've built a store around a winning product line - but don't count that as a cost because revenue from sales typically outweighs spend!
- Once you start scaling there are some nice apps & tools you can consider for growth, but don't count these because they aren't invested in until after the store's profits can cover it!

That's truly it!

Is this course doable for newbies?

Yes, the course is actually tailor-made for newbies. In fact, the whole idea for Store Coach came about because we had so many friends and relatives (most of them with little to no experience whatsoever) asking us to teach them step-by-step how we were doing what we were doing.

We've made the course as straightforward and simple as possible, detailing every step of the process (with videos, guides and tutorials for anything the least bit technical). So it's simple enough for newbies, but advanced enough to help anyone at any level of eCommerce knowledge & experience!

How up to date is the course?

We're constantly - and we mean constantly - updating and improving the training course. We're adding (or replacing) videos, guides, tutorials and case studies virtually every week.

This is not a training course we put together a few months (or a couple years) ago and now we're just letting it sit there. We work hard to keep up with all the latest opportunities and changes in the world of eCommerce, giving you the latest and greatest information possible!

Realistically, how soon will my store be profitable?

Store Coach isn't a get-rich-quick scheme. We teach you how to build a legitimate, long-term, sustainable online business. If you're looking for an easy way to make gobs of money overnight (as if such a thing exists!), you're in the wrong place.

If you follow this training course and put in a decent amount of time (at least 10 hours per week), you can certainly start making sales and generating profits inside of month 1.

Your profits the first couple months realistically won't be earth-shattering, but you should certainly be able to generate a $1-3k monthly within the first few months of operations and continue to grow from there.

What is a store's monthly "break-even point"?

The ongoing operating costs for an online business are extremely low... so low that you only need to make 1-2 sales a month to cover your costs (and then everything else is pure profit)!

Here's a list of your typical ongoing costs after a store is live and profitable...

- Shopping cart platform (which includes web hosting and a merchant account for accepting credit cards): starting at $29/month
- Recommended shopping cart apps (optional): ~$40/month
- Toll-free phone number (optional): ~$10/month
- Domain name: ~$10 per year

As you can see, even if you "splurge" and get all of the optional things (which are really just tools for helping you make more sales), your total monthly costs are under $100 per month. That's an incredibly low amount of overhead for a business that can realistically clear $10,000+ in profit per month!

What are the risks with eCommerce?

Really, the only thing you have to lose is a little bit of your time. The monetary risk is incredibly low (see the FAQ above).

Other programs require several thousand dollars of start-up capital for program fees and up-front inventory purchases. That's a lot of money to most people. Our training course is FREE, and you can easily get your online store off the ground for less than $100 (and as little as $10)!

What about buying inventory to sell? Regardless of which store model you build, you can have products dropshipped (i.e. shipped directly from your supplier to your customer after your customer has already paid you) in the beginning... and very likely forever. If and when you do choose to stock inventory, you can use your store's profits (rather than money from your savings account).

What about marketing costs? That's another awesome thing about eCommerce... Internet marketing is more of a "pay as you go" model where you're trading in $10s for $20s on a daily basis, as opposed to "real-world" marketing (i.e. TV, radio, magazine or print ads) where you have to shell out thousands (or tens of thousands) of dollars up front and then hope & pray it pans out over the next few weeks/months.

With online marketing, you see real-time results to know whether your advertising is effective (i.e. making you more money than it's costing). If it's not, you tweak the ads or shut them down (while simultaneously scaling up the ads that are effective).

We also teach you how to get ranked well in Google & Bing so you can get loads of free targeted visitors each month, and once you achieve high rankings paying for traffic isn't even necessary if you don't want to do it.

What about credit card fraud? Credit card fraud used to be (past tense) a pretty big issue in some niche markets. But nowadays, you can buy fraud/chargeback protection for very cheap (0.5 to 1.0% of the order amount). Companies are willing to offer such protection because their fraud detection software is so good that they're able to catch virtually 100% of fraud attempts. If a fraudulent order does slip through the cracks, the company reimburses you 100% of the chargeback amount (including chargeback fees), so you're not out a single penny. Our #1 recommended chargeback protection service is ClearSale.

How has COVID-19 impacted eCommerce?

While the COVID-19 pandemic has been a difficult time for everyone (and tragic for many), it's actually been really good for eCommerce. While many brick and mortar businesses have suffered, the majority of online businesses have seen a sizableincreasein sales and profits. If people weren't doing the majority of their shopping online already, they definitely are now!

What do I need (and not need) to be successful?

Many people wrongly assume that they will need all kinds of things that they in fact do NOT need to start an online business, such as:

- A big pile of start-up cash
- 20+ hours every week
- A legal business entity (i.e. LLC, corporation, etc.)
- To already have a product to sell
- Connections or an "in" with manufacturers or suppliers
- Programming, graphic design or other technical skills
- Prior experience with Internet marketing
- Garage or closet space to store products
- To be located within the United States

All you really need to be successful is a computer, a connection to the Internet, a willingness to work hard, and a little bit of money ($100 tops).

So what are you waiting for?

Our high ticket dropship store training is 100% free and you can get your store launched for under $10 (the cost of a domain name for 1 year), and the potential upside is thousands of dollars per month starting next month! It's truly a no-brainer, so dive right in!

Training Home

See the Store Coach training home page and an overview of each module that is covered in this 100% free resource.

Dropshipping Models

Learn the differences between high ticket dropshipping and "impulse buy" dropshipping, and then you'll choose a model for your next online store.