As you make your way through the Store Coach training course, use these checklists to keep track of which tasks you've completed and which tasks you still need to complete before moving on to the next chapter.

  Phase 1: Planning

Chapter 1: Choose Your Niche

  • Read through all of Chapter 1
  • Use Niche Finder Pro to find 5+ potential niche ideas with all 4 scores green & bold
  • Compare your top niche ideas side-by-side on the Favorites page (within Niche Finder Pro)
  • Pick a winner & move on to Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Choose Your Store Model

  • Read through all of Chapter 2
  • Choose your store model (if you choose either the dropship or stock & ship model, proceed to Chapter 3 — if you choose the affiliate model, complete the steps on this page instead)

Chapter 3: Source Products

  • Read through all of Chapter 3
  • Search for potential suppliers in our Supplier Directory
  • Identify the top brands names in your niche by: a) analyzing competitors' sites, b) searching Niche Finder Pro and c) browsing major shopping portals
  • Gather the necessary contact info for the manufacturer of each of the brands you'd like to sell
  • Consider registering a domain name in preparation to contact potential suppliers (optional)
  • Consider registering a DBA (or business entity) & getting a sellers permit in preparation to contact potential suppliers (optional)
  • Consider setting up a "placeholder site" in preparation to contact potential suppliers (optional)
  • Consider getting a toll-free number in preparation to contact potential suppliers (optional)
  • Call each of the manufacturers you've identified to inquire about setting up a dealer account (and dropshipping)
  • Fill out the paperwork to set up a dealer account with one or more manufacturers (or distributors, if necessary)
  • Obtain the price list (and other important documents/information) from each supplier you've created a dealer account with
  • Verify that there are sufficient profit margins (for each supplier/brand)

  Phase 2: Build-Out

Chapter 4: Pre-Build Tasks

  • Obtain the price list & other product details from each supplier (if you haven't already done so)
  • Register a domain name (if you haven't already done so)
  • Select a shopping cart platform and start a free trial
  • "Link" your domain name to your shopping cart platform (by updating your Domain Name Servers, or DNS)
  • Get set up for payment processing (aka credit card processing)

    Chapter 5: Build Tasks

    • Create a product feed file & upload your products to your store
    • Set up your store's category structure & create navigation menu links
    • Set up your store's sidebar menu(s) and header/footer links
    • Create and insert your store logo
    • Sign up for a toll-free number (if you haven't already done so) and display it on your store
    • Sign up for live chat and integrate it into your store
    • Add "trust graphics" to your site (free/low-cost shipping, payment methods, freight carriers, security seals, guarantee seals, etc.)
    • Optimize your home page for customers (H1 heading, shop by category grid, best sellers and/or featured products & textual content)
    • Optimize each of your category pages for customers (basically the same way you optimized your home page)
    • Optimize each of your product pages for customers (this may be an ongoing process - i.e. 5-10 products per week)
    • Keyword-optimize your home page (this is for Google) for the main keyword phrase you're targeting
    • Conduct a comprehensive competitive pricing analysis & set the prices for all of your products
    • Set up your store's shipping options
    • Set up payment options (we recommend offering both credit card checkout and PayPal) and do a couple of test transactions
    • Configure your store's checkout settings (sales tax, guest checkout, newsletter opt-in, coupon code field, etc.)
    • Ensure that every page on your site has a unique title tag

    Chapter 6: Launch Tasks

    • xxx

      Phase 3: Marketing

    Chapter 7: Web Marketing Strategy

    • xxx

    Chapter 8: Paid Traffic

    • xxx

    Chapter 9: Organic Traffic

    • xxx

    Chapter 10: Direct Traffic

    • xxx

      Phase 4: Operations

    Chapter 11: Maximize Your Profits

    • xxx

    Chapter 12: Store Operations

    • xxx

    Chapter 13: Sell Your Store?

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