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15 Reasons to Hire Store Coach as Your Broker

  1. We generally get at least 50% more for your online business than you could get selling it yourself!

  2. With Store Coach, there are no up-front fees of any kind! Most brokers charge hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars in vetting fees and/or listing fees. If your site doesn't sell (which is extremely unlikely), you won't pay us a single penny. And our brokering fee is among the very lowest in the industry!

  3. We provide all-inclusive (A-to-Z) brokering services. We handle absolutely everything for you... We create the sale listing, generate leads, screen potential buyers, handle all inquiries/communications with prospective buyers (this saves you dozens/hundreds of hours!), manage the due diligence & closing process, and facilitate the asset & funds transfer.

  4. We provide escrow services for no additional cost! Services like charge hundreds to thousands of dollars for this!

  5. Our unique "buyers group model" makes it much easier to sell high-value websites that are out of most individual buyers' price range.

  6. We'll list your site in multiple high-traffic website marketplaces, including (this site),, and several others. By posting on all of these marketplaces, our average listing gets 10+ new leads per day on an ongoing basis!

  7. Over the years, we've built up a huge list of potential buyers (with a wide range of buying power and interests) who we notify every time we post a new listing. Many of our new listings are purchased very quickly by one of the potential buyers on our lists, many of whom have purchased sites through us in the past.

  8. We're very experienced, and our past clients rave about our services. From mid-2015 until now, we've brokered 31 website/business sales for a total transaction value of $4,081,165.

  9. Our unique "buy-and-outsource" model makes it much easier to sell high-value websites that are out of most individual buyers' price range. This model makes it possible for people to purchase websites (either on their own or as part of a small buyers group) and then outsource all operations to an eCommerce operations company, making ownership 100% passive for them (which is very attractive to a lot of would-be buyers).

  10. Every one of our website listings are ultra-detailed and extremely convincing and well-written. Just take a look at a handful of our active listings to see the quality of our listings.

  11. We have "super seller" status and a 100% positive feedback score on over $1.2 million of transactions on Flippa (check out our Flippa profile). Our impressive seller profile generates A LOT of trust and increases the amount people are willing to pay.

  12. Long before we began brokering the sale of websites, we built and operated dozens of profitable websites ourselves (including inventory-based eCommerce stores, dropship stores, ad content sites, Amazon FBA businesses, affiliate sites, and more). With a combined 35+ years of firsthand experience operating websites ourselves, we know both sides of this business.

  13. Our team includes accounting experts who can assist you (for no additional fee) with ironing out your books and preparing the P&L (and other financial information) for the listing. Our past clients rave about how helpful and valuable this is.

  14. We're extremely flexible. Unlike the "big box" brokers who are very rigid with their policies, asking prices and commission structure, we're open to discussing all of this with you. We're also flexible with regard to making listings private (or semi-private), the process for screening potential buyers, and how the due diligence process works.

  15. We have over a 90% success rate in getting sites sold... and fast! On average, we have an offer in hand by day 26 after the listing goes live.

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