FOR SALE: Pet Wellness Dropship Ecommerce Store

Averaging $348 Net Profit Per Month

Requires less than an hour a week for operations

Up for sale is a well-established and 100% drop-shipping based eCommerce store with a long track record of consistent sales and profits. Since its launch in the fourth quarter of 2016, the store has operated at a net profit every quarter. The store is currently limited to one main product line, selling products in the pet (predominately for dogs) health and wellness industry. Everything on the site is drop-shipped directly to the customer, keeping both costs and time requirements low. Current operations for this store include customer service, order processing, and advertising management and comes in under an hour a week on average. 


  • Niche: Pet Health & Wellness Products (please sign NDA to begin due diligence & get additional information)
  • Store Model: 100% dropship eCommerce
  • P&L Period: Oct 2017 - Sept 2019
  • Store Launch Date: October 2016
  • Avg. Monthly Gross Revenue: $1,874
  • Avg. Monthly Net Profit: $348
  • Avg. Order Value: $287.96
  • Net Profit Margin: 18.59% of revenue
  • Owner Time Requirement: 1 hour per week


The seller's $10,450 asking price was calculated as follows:

Oct 2017 - Sept 2019 Total Net Profit: $8,361 / 24 to Yield Average Monthly Net Profit: $348.36 x 30 Month (2.5 Annual) Earnings Multiplier: $10,450 

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P&L and Financial Information

Here is the P&L Statement for the most recent 24 months (Oct 2017 - Sept 2019). Click on the image to see a larger version of the P&L in a new tab.

As you can see in the P&L above, the store has a long history of consistent sales and profits

The current owner will of course give the eventual buyer the opportunity to conduct extensive due diligence, including a live "screen-share" web meeting where you’ll be able to view reports and transactions in the store admin panel, payment accounts, paid advertising portals (including Google, Bing and Facebook), Google Analytics, etc. to verify and confirm all of the figures shown in the P&L above. But here are screenshots from the 3dCart admin panel to verify revenue figures for the 24-month period. (Note: Click the thumbnail below to see the full-size images in a new tab.)

3dCart Sales Report (Oct 2017 - Sept 2019)

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About the Niche & Suppliers

As noted above, the store sells health and wellness products for older or disabled house pets (mostly used for dogs). It has a small, easy to manage catalog (27 products) and a great relationship with the two suppliers. 

For the benefit of the eventual buyer, the specific products the store sells as well as the domain name of the site will only be disclosed to serious potential buyers who first sign an NDA (which you can do electronically below). As mentioned above, this store is 100% drop-shipping based, meaning that the suppliers ship products directly to the customers. This means that you do NOT have to pre-purchase large quantities of inventory, store products in a warehouse, or manually ship out orders yourself. When an order comes in, the supplier ships the order directly to your customer. Dropshipping is hands-down the easiest store model and completely eliminates the need for working capital as well as the risk of not being able to sell large stocks of inventory you've pre-purchased.

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Marketing and Traffic

The site currently uses a combination of several channels/techniques for driving traffic to the website, including:

  1. Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads - primarily Product Listing Ads (PLAs), also known as shopping ads
  2. Bing PPC ads - primarily PLAs
  3. Organic and direct traffic (based on keyword rankings and brand reputation)

Paid Search and Display Ads make up the majority of traffic for the site, with Organic search providing the third major source. During 4Q 2018 and 1Q 2019, there was a significant push to increase traffic through display ads, which saw both costs and traffic grow, but didn't result in increased sales and has been subsequently scaled back. 

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    Store Operations

    At its current operating level, reflected in the P&L above, this store takes approximately an hour a week to run. This time includes order processing, customer service, and advertising management. This store is so easy to run because it currently averages 6.75 orders per month. With the 22% profit margin, and the average order value of $288 it only takes a few orders to provide a solid monthly profit. 

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    Growth Opportunities

    • Expand the Catalog - While the catalog is well set for the primary product lines, it doesn't provide any upsell, and only limited resell opportunities. Adding related products for the target audience could help to increase the average order value, as well as the number of repeat customers. 
    • Grow the Advertising Campaigns - The vast majority of sales (and ad spend) have come from the PLA (Shopping Ads as noted above). This long ad history offers a great deal of data that may be used to inform the expansion and creation of new Search Ads as well, to enhance the reach and audience targeting. 

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    Included with the Sale

    The sale includes all of the following...
    • The domain name and website (including all textual and graphical content)
    • All customer lists
    • All supplier accounts
    • 30 days of support to train you/your team on how to run the business, manage the ad campaigns, etc. (first 30 hours via phone or live webinar/screen share, then Skype/email support after that)
    • Note: The seller will certainly sign a non-compete as part of the Contract of Sale.

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    Buying Process

    You can make an offer for this eCommerce store here. We'll immediately present your offer to the seller. If he accepts your offer, we'll notify you immediately and update this page to let other interested parties know that an offer has been accepted. Once your offer is accepted, a 3-day due diligence period will begin (during which time other interested parties may place a "back-up offer" in case the sale falls through for whatever reason). During this 3-day due diligence period, we'll work closely with you and with the seller to help you complete due diligence. Among other things, this will include doing a live screen-share web meeting so you can review financial information, the store admin panel, payment accounts, sales reports, traffic reports in Google Analytics, supplier invoices, etc. We'll also send you the Contract of Sale agreement for you to review. Once the Contract of Sale is signed and the sale is completed, we will update this page to let other interested parties know that the sale has been finalized and remove this listing from the Store Coach Website Marketplace.

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