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Powerful Links for Improved Search Engine Rankings

Powerful Links for Improved Search Engine Rankings

Powerful Links for Improved Search Engine Rankings

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Lease 10 (or more) links to any single domain and get 2 free lifetime links to that same site! In other words, get 12 links for the price of 10!

Also note, the more links you lease the less you pay per link!

Full transparency: link building really sucks!

Unfortunately, it's nearly impossible to rank in Google or Bing without at least 10-20 powerful, topically related backlinks to your website. So like it or not, you need links if you want loads of free targeted traffic from the search engines!!

This is where our link leasing service comes in...

We're offering members of our community highly-related links from powerful websites (on our private network) that will instantly boost your site's relevancy and authority, both of which are absolutely critical for high rankings! Our network covers every major market category, and the links we lease out to members are placed within content that's specifically written for your website.

Why would I "rent" links for my site?

Simple... For better rankings! :)

Look, like it or not, there's always a cost associated with getting and maintaining high organic search rankings. You can build links yourself, sure, but that requires ongoing education and loads of time outreaching webmasters to convince them to link to you. The other option is hiring a link-building expert or an SEO firm to build your links, and that means a very high monthly expense forevermore.

Oh, and did you know the average lifespan of links obtained for eCommerce websites through link building is less than 11 months? That's right, no link is forever, so to maintain enough backlinks to retain the high rankings you achieve requires a never ending link building effort to continuously replace the links that naturally fall off!

So yes, no matter how you look at it, there's always an ongoing cost to getting (and maintaining) the links to dominate your niche in the search engines. In our opinion, leasing powerful links makes far more sense (for your wallet and your work schedule) than building links or paying link builders!

The process is simple

How our link leasing program works

Step 1: Place Order

To lease links from us simply choose the number of links and your target category above and proceed through checkout.

Step 2: Provide Link Info

On the order confirmation page you will be given access to our simple order template that you'll then need to fill out and email in to us.

Step 3: Watch Your Rankings

Once you submit the order form our team goes to work creating the content needed to post the links to your site. We typically get all links placed and report the URLs of all links within 10 business days. From that point you can simply watch the SERPs and see what kind of ranking improvements occur (typically clients see results within 4-6 weeks of the links going live!).

A few more details worth mentioning...

No contract, cancel anytimeOne subscription per purchase - Each purchase you make from this page will create a unique monthly subscription. Also, each subscription can only be for one website (but you can have links to internal pages if you want). So if you want to lease links for multiple websites please place multiple orders.

No contract - There's no contract or term commitment and you're welcome to cancel anytime from the member dashboard (access to dashboard is given with purchase). Just be aware that improved rankings from acquired links typically take 4-6 weeks to appear on search engines like Google & Bing, so don't cancel prematurely assuming the links didn't benefit you.

Many of our clients achieve page 1 rankings in Google & Bing with just a handful of backlinks. You may want to start by leasing just 5 or 10 backlinks & seeing the results before ordering more.


Quality is Everything

Our private network sites consist of strictly unique content
All our sites have social profiles and graphical logos
Each site stands 100% alone on its own IP address and with no footprint or links to other network sites

Why our links are so powerful

Each link is placed within unique textual content that's related to your site
We only link out to 7-8 external websites per network site
The page you're linked from is specifically written about your product type
Our network only features sites with at least 10 incoming links from related sites


What Anchor Text Should I Use For My Links?

As you probably know the 'anchor text' of a link is simply the clickable portion of a hyperlink. According to best practice recommendations from the web's top SEOs, you should avoid using the phrase you want to rank for in your anchor text! Instead, the vast majority of anchors should be your site's "common name" (i.e. "Store Coach") or the root domain name of your site (i.e. StoreCoach.com).

Why? Well, because this is what happens naturally when other sites link to each other. They almost never use the targeted phrase, they link to the external site using its actual brand name (i.e. "Store Coach" or "StoreCoach.com"). Making your anchors match the phrase you're targeting doesn't look very natural and it basically tells Google that you are in control of your incoming links.

How does Google know what I want to rank for if I don't use my targeted keywords in the anchor text? It's been a long time since Google really used anchor text in backlinks to rank a website. Instead, Google uses the content of the linking page and the content of the page that's being linked to. Since we write a 100% unique content post about the topic of your linked page in order to place your link, you are getting a maximum amount of reputation for that topic!


These clients love this service!

"I use these links for all my SEO and it has been an incredible time saver not having to worry about building and maintaining multiple PBNs in different niches. They put together great articles and the links index quickly… I usually see a boost in the first 7 days and it has only taken a few links to reach the first page for most terms I’m targeting." - Derrick Saunders

"This link service is awesome. Whatever your budget, you can get links that will help boost your rankings. Service is excellent, delivery is incredibly fast, usually within 48 hours from placing the order. I highly recommend it as part of your SEO strategy." - Brittany Ruiz

"A great service for anyone that isn’t interested in building out their own PBN. I’ve personally used them for niche relevant PBN’s when testing a new market. They put a lot of effort into building decent looking PBN’s and avoiding footprints i.e. using legit hosts. I will happily give these guys my approval." - Adam Mann

"We recently used these links for some of our campaigns, and sure enough got some phenomenal results within just a few days. Links are solid, the prices are fair and the support is superb. The folks in my office love working with them, which saves me a ton of time and hassle. I would recommend it to anyone who doesn’t have the time or budget to build out a network of their own." - Norman Mack

"This is the only service I have used on a new Lawyer lead gen site. The content on the homepage is pretty thin right now but the site has already gone from N/A to 60th on Google. Pretty impressive considering my homepage has not even been finished. Great service." - Blake Ramirez

"I would recommend this service to those that are not interested in creating their own network. They do it nicely with niched networks, which as we all know, is really the key here. I had a few people ask me if I thought it was good for them, and I can tell you, that these are not crappy back links that will wind up hurting your site. This is a solid system that people are seeing results with. That is really the end game, right? If you people were not seeing results, then I would not put my stamp on it. I would say definitely jump on board for those sites that are finding that “stuck” issue within the serps." - Jimmy Horton

"No affiliation but I want to recommend this link service. The PBNs are themed and looks amazing. I jumped 2 spots for a highly competitive phrase with 1 link." - Hattie Weber

"I’ve been very satisfied with the services. I appreciate the backlinks service very much. I rent some links and my SERP improved within a week." - Stacy Poole

"For those who are looking to buy links at a good price, you cannot go wrong. They are 1) solid, 2) not BSers who are out just to churn/burn relationships/money." - Spencer Joseph

"Wanted to give a personal shout out to how amazing these links were for us. We have been working on a site for nearly two years now and had reached that “stagnant” point where no matter what we did we just couldn’t get that last boost we needed, the movement had stopped. Had used other links and wasn’t seeing change anymore. Got just a few affordable links from them and in 2-3 weeks we jumped up to the number 1 spot and have stayed there with just those original links from them. There is definitely some secret sauce with this link network and I will be using them from now on to handle all my PBN needs." - Randy Ingram