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Get Ranked FAST with Rank Master Pro

Mimicking your competitors' highest-value backlinks is the cornerstone ranking technique we've been using for over a decade. It's led to the stellar rankings we've achieved for several online stores that have sold for 6 figures and attracted national media attention on Fox Business News and The New York Times. While other SEO techniques have come and gone as Google continues to update its algorithm, this method has continued to work... and work incredibly well!

Target High-Quality Links

Target High-Quality Links

In today's Google environment, quality is everything. Rank Master Pro identifies your competitors' highest-value backlinks (the ones that are helping them rank high in Google) and provides a super-slick interface to help you obtain similar backlinks for your site. Rank Master Pro zeroes in on your competitors' highest-quality backlinks and filters out the ones that won't help you.

Google-Safe Technique

100% Google Safe

There couldn't be a safer way to build backlinks! Rank Master Pro isn't about getting huge quantities of low-quality "spammy" backlinks. It helps you get a handful of the same high-quality, high-value backlinks each of the top-ranking competitors in your market have. Your backlink profile will be made up of the "best of the best" and be completely unique from any one of your competitors' backlink profiles.

Easy to Use

Incredibly Easy to Use

Unlike other SEO and link-building software that requires a PhD to operate, Rank Master Pro is straightforward and intuitive. A 3-step wizard walks you through the set-up process in about 5 minutes. Once you've set up a project, using Rank Master Pro to obtain backlinks is as easy as can be. Also, our short video tutorials teach you all the ins and outs of how to use Rank Master Pro effectively.

For Beginners and Veterans

For Beginners and Veterans

Whether you're a complete "newbie" trying to get your 1st website ranked or an Internet Marketing veteran with years of SEO and link-building experience, Rank Master Pro is the #1 must-have tool you need in your arsenal. We have many SEO firms that use Rank Master Pro as their primary tool for servicing their clients. Regardless of your experience level, if you want to get a website ranked fast, you need Rank Master Pro.

Get Ranked Fast with Rank Master Pro

Use Rank Master Pro for all of your websites when you become a Pro Member of Store Coach

How Rank Master Pro Works

Using Rank Master Pro simply couldn't be easier. Within minutes of getting access to the tool, you'll be identifying and targeting your competitor's most important and powerful backlinks. Getting started is simple...

  1. Input your domain name & up to 5 primary keyword phrases you’re targeting.
  2. Rank Master Pro will identify the top 20 ranking pages/sites for each of those 5 keyword phrases.
  3. For each top-ranking page/site listed, choose how you want Rank Master Pro to treat it... a) ignore that page/site, b) show backlinks for the ENTIRE DOMAIN, or c) show the backlinks for just the RANKING PAGE)
  4. Optionally, you can manually add additional domains and/or pages that you’d like to include in the analysis.
  5. Rank Master Pro identifies the 100 best backlinks (those that carry the most power and authority) for each of the pages/domains you’ve selected or added.
  6. Rank Master Pro combines all of the backlink lists (each containing as many as 100 backlinks) into a single comprehensive list, removing duplicates and identifying “hub” backlinks that link to multiple pages/domains you’ve selected.
  7. Rank Master Pro provides a slick interface to help you keep track of your efforts to obtain links from the same pages/sites, including advanced sort and filter options, email templates (with dynamically-generated "placeholder" content), and the ability to make notes for each backlink.

Pro Members get instant access to Rank Master Pro!

The Rank Master Pro Interface

Rank Master Pro is incredibly user-friendly and intuitive. (Honestly, you probably don't even need to read this. 🙂 ) Whether you're an experienced Internet Marketer with hundreds of hours of link-building experience or a complete newbie who barely knows what a backlink is, Rank Master Pro will help you quickly and efficiently find obtainable backlink opportunities and stay organized as you reach out to website owners and attempt to build backlinks for your websites.

Link Request LogA Single Master List of All Backlinks. Rank Master Pro identifies the highest-value backlinks (the ones that really count!) for ALL of the target sites/pages you've selected (which may be dozens!) and combines them all into 1 master backlink list. It eliminates all the duplicates (i.e. a page that links to several of the target sites/pages) and shows a useful 'Hub' number that indicates how many of the target sites/pages it's linking to. (Note: Backlinks with a 'Hub' number of 2 or more may be easy for you to obtain, since more than one of your competitors were able to obtain a link from that page. Go after links with a high 'Hub' number... they're low-hanging fruit!)

By default, the master list is sorted based on the 'Value' (ranging from 100 down to 0, with 100 representing the highest Domain Authority). You can easily sort the results by any of the other column headings, though. The 'Anchor Text' column makes it easy for you to quickly find the backlink on the page by using the Ctrl+F function. You'll be able to see how your competitor was able to obtain the backlink and how you might be able to obtain a link as well. Finally, the 'Follow' column indicates whether the backlink is a clean, "followable" link or a no-follow link. You'll typically only want to spend your time going after backlinks that are followable. (You can use the filter options, described below, to filter out no-follow links.)

Link Request Log. See the 'Link Request Log' section with all of the icons on the far right side of the above screenshot? These icons help you keep track of how many times (and when) you've reached out to the website owner and whether you've successfully obtained a backlink or not. The 'template' icon gives you 1-click access to the templates you've created (explained below), and the @ icon opens up WhoIs info about the website owner's name and email address. Finally, clicking the pencil icon brings up a window that allows you to make custom notes about the backlink and your outreach attempts.

Filtering OptionsPowerful Filtering Options. With just a few clicks, you can very easily filter the backlink list to show only the backlinks you want to focus on right now. Want to see only "followable" backlinks with a value of 20+ that are linking to Competitor X that you've never reached out to before? Piece of cake! You can filter by which page/site the backlink is linking to (select just one, several or all), whether the link is followable or not, how many attempts you've previously made to obtain the link (1, 2 or 3), whether you've already successfully obtained a link or not, and/or the minimum value of the backlinks (on a scale of 100 to 0). Use just one filter option or all of them together.

Building an email templateCreate Custom Email Templates with Dynamically-Generated Placeholder Content. Once you've identified the backlinks that you'd like to obtain, it's time to reach out to the website owners to request a link. Rather than manually writing the same email text over and over again (or copying & pasting the content from a file on your computer, then having to manually fill in a few blanks), Rank Master Pro allows you to quickly and easily build custom email templates for each project, for each link-building technique you're using, and for each outreach attempt (#1, 2 or 3). You can create an unlimited number of email templates, all accessible with the click of a button.

Even better, you can insert *PLACEHOLDERS* into the text of your emails, and Rank Master Pro will automatically replace the placeholders with the relevant domain name or URL of your site/page OR of the site/page that is being linked to (depending on which placeholder(s) you use).

Once you've created an email template, all you have to do is click the 'template' icon in the 'Link Request Log' and the email text will be copied to your clipboard (complete with all the placeholder data filled in), 100% ready for you to paste into your outgoing email. You'll literally be able to "construct" and send off emails in a matter of 4-5 seconds apiece! These templates make your outreach efforts an absolute piece of cake!

Why is Rank Master Pro So Powerful?

Think about why your competitors currently outrank you in Google. The #1 reason (and perhaps the only reason) is that they have more high-quality backlinks than you have.

Well, that's about to change! Rank Master Pro is a revolutionary tool that helps you identify your competitors’ highest-value backlinks and obtain the same (or similar) backlinks for your site.

Think of it this way… Let’s say you’re able to get just 3-5 of the same high-quality backlinks as your #1 ranking competitor. (That's a very realistic, achievable goal.) And then you're able to get a link from 3-5 of the same sites linking to your #2 ranking competitor. Then 3-5 of the same quality backlinks as your #3 ranking competitor and so on… all the way through, say, competitor #10 or #20.

Think what the end result will be! You’ll have a better backlink profile than any one of your competitors because you’ve gotten a handful of the highest-value backlinks each of them have! You'll have the "best of the best"... a few of the very highest-quality links each of the top-ranking sites have.

We've used this strategy for over a decade with amazing success (check out our resume here). We've seen dozens and dozens of other link-building techniques come and go over the years, each becoming ineffective and/or dangerous with new Google algorithm updates. But this strategy of targeting your competitors' best backlinks has always continued to work, and it is 100% Google safe and incredibly effective.

Get Ranked Fast with Rank Master Pro

Use Rank Master Pro for all of your websites when you become a Pro Member of Store Coach

Video Tutorials

Set-Up WizardLink List OverviewUsing the Link Request LogCreating & Using TemplatesBacklink Profile Page Overview

Set-Up Wizard Video Tutorial

It takes less than 5 minutes to complete the set-up wizard to set up a new project. This video takes you through the set-up process and highlights some key things you'll want to know. Once you've completed the set-up wizard, you'll have a comprehensive list of all of your top competitors' highest-value backlinks (the ones making them rank so well).

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Link List Overview

The Link List page shows all of your top-ranking competitors' best backlinks. It provides unique tools and a slick interface for helping you obtain the same (or similar) backlinks for your site in a fast, efficient, organized way. This video highlights the key tools and filtering options on the Link List page.

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Using the Link Request Log (on the Link List Page)

The Link Request Log makes it easy to stay organized and track your efforts to obtain the same (or similar) backlinks as your top-ranking competitors. Rank Master Pro logs the date of each link request, automatically detects when you obtain links, provides advanced filtering options, lets you write custom notes about each link, and much more.

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Creating & Using Templates

You can create and store an unlimited number of custom templates for reaching out to webmasters. Cool, right? Well, not really… until you see the amazing placeholder functionality! You can insert "fill-in-the-blank" placeholders into your templates, and Rank Master Pro will automatically replace them with the appropriate data (i.e. domain name of linking page, full URL of linking page, domain name of the page being linked to, etc.) for the backlink you select. Rank Master Pro's templates functionality cuts the time it takes to send emails and fill out contact us forms in half!

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Backlink Profile Page Overview

While the primary focus of Rank Master Pro is your competitors' backlinks, we know you want to keep track of your backlink profile as well. This video highlights some of the key features of the Backlink Profile page and how it helps you track your domain authority score and ensure that you maintain a healthy backlink profile.

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Get Ranked Fast with Rank Master Pro

Use Rank Master Pro for all of your websites when you become a Pro Member of Store Coach