For Sale: Top-Ranking Site Ready to be Restored to Its Former Glory

For Sale: Top-Ranking Mexican Poncho Site Ready to Be Restored to Its Former Glory (Plus a Related Site On the Rise and eBay)

NOTICE: The seller has recently accepted an offer for these sites, and the sale is currently pending. We will update this page again in a few days after the sale has been completed.

You're familiar with "just add water" pancakes and chili and soup. Well, this is a "just add inventory" website. It has stellar rankings and gets plenty of traffic, and it used to make A LOT of sales and turn a nice profit. But for the reason explained below, the current owner stopped carrying the best-selling products and sales & profits have fallen off. This is the perfect "fixer upper" store. It ranks well and gets lots of traffic; it just needs inventory back on the (fulfillment center) shelves, and it's primed to bounce back and make good money again. This is your chance to buy it on the cheap, "just add inventory" and make a killing!

Here's a quick overview of what you need to know about the main site...

  • The domain name is The site targets the Australian marketplace, but the new owner does NOT need to be located in Australia. Because of how operations are set up (see below), you can easily run the store from the USA or anywhere in the world.
  • The current owner uses a fulfillment center to process and fulfill ALL orders. The fulfillment center, which is located in Australia, handles the entire fulfillment process, making the store virtually hands-free for the owner.
  • The store sells (or sold) Clint Eastwood ponchos and other authentic Mexican ponchos and clothing. The products (especially the best-selling ones) are primarily sourced from California USA, but a few items are also sourced "locally" from a company in Australia.
  • The site ranks very high in Google Australia ( for dozens of high-value Clint Eastwood / Mexican poncho keyword search phrases and gets a lot of targeted traffic (see below for rankings & traffic data).
  • Back in 2014 when the store had adequate inventory in stock (i.e. sitting at the fulfillment center in Australia), it was pulling in $48,519 (USD) of revenue and netting $20,189 (USD) of profit per year (see the P&L below).
  • The current owner had another business/website that was really taking off and demanded 100% of his time & attention and, more importantly, 100% of his working capital. He was (and still is) dumping every penny he had & could borrow into purchasing products and expanding his other business. Consequently, towards the end of 2014, he stopped purchasing and stocking all of the products from the supplier in California USA (which had to be purchased in bulk and sea-freighted to the fulfillment center in Australia).
  • Without the popular, best-selling products (from California) in stock, sales and profits have dropped off substantially. But the stellar rankings and targeted traffic remain.
  • The new owner can basically just purchase inventory, have it shipped to the fulfillment center, and get back to what the store was making a couple years ago. And the store is almost entirely "hands-free" to own.

Key Information for

Niche: Clint Eastwood ponchos & Mexican ponchos

Store Model: 100% automated (uses a full-service fulfillment center)

Business/Website Age: Started in Jan 2014

Avg. Visitors: 4,207/month (based on 3/1/16 - 2/28/17)

2014 Gross Revenue: $48,519

2014 Net Profit: $20,189

Time Requirement: <1 hour per week

Included with the Sale: All inventory on hand (~$700 at cost value)

Asking Price: $25,000 for the entire package (, and eBay Account)


Per SEMrush rankings data, as of the date this listing was created, had the following Page 1 rankings in Google Australia (

Ranked #1 in Google

  • mexican ponchos for sale
  • buy mexican poncho
  • daryl dixon poncho
  • mexican poncho for sale
  • authentic mexican poncho
  • mexican drinking games
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  • mexican hooded poncho

Collective searches: 180/month

Ranked #2 in Google

  • mexican poncho
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  • poncho shop

Collective searches: 1,580/month

Ranked #3 in Google

  • ponchos australia
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  • clint eastwood poncho
  • mexican poncho costume
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  • buy sombreros online
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  • mexican hoodie poncho

Collective searches: 640/month

Other Page 1 Rankings

  • Ranked #4 - 14 phrases - collective searches: 300/month
  • #5 - 17 phrases - 870 searches/month
  • #6 - 28 phrases - 1,680 searches/month
  • #7 - 30 phrases - 1,160 searches/month
  • #8 - 35 phrases - 5,010 searches/month
  • #9 - 11 phrases - 270 searches/month
  • #10 - 16 phrases - 2,250 searches/month
The site used to rank #1 in for virtually all "clint eastwood poncho" related keyword phrases back when the store actually carried the Clint Eastwood poncho (which was, by far, the store's #1 seller). But early last year when the current owner created (the up-and-coming US-targeted dropship site that is included with this package), he set up a "301 redirect" to have the the Clint Eastwood Poncho product page redirect to Since doing that,'s rankings for "clint eastwood poncho" related phrases have slipped a bit (they're all still on Page 1 - some as high as #3-4 - but they have slipped some). It's extremely likely that when the 301 redirect on the Clint Eastwood Poncho product page is removed, the rankings for those phrases will jump back up to where they were at #1, leading to even more highly targeted traffic (and for the #1 selling most popular product, no less).

Here's a screenshot from Google Analytics showing the site's total traffic from January 1, 2014 through February 28, 2017. (Please note that the GA tracking code was inactive from mid-March until early September 2014... apologies!) You'll notice nice bumps in traffic around October of each year (since Mexican ponchos make for nice Halloween costumes), but the traffic remains quite consistent throughout the year.

And here's a screenshot from Google Analytics showing the site's total traffic for just the most recent 12-month period (March 1, 2016 - February 28, 2017)...

The current owner is happy to give read-only access to Google Analytics to those who request it.


As mentioned above, has historically had two suppliers: one in Australia and one in California (USA).

For the past couple of years, the store has only stocked (at the Australia-based fulfillment center) and sold the products the owner has been able to source "locally" in Australia (and therefore hasn't had to buy in bulk and sea-freight from the USA). While these products from the Australia supplier are attractive and of good quality and sell reasonably well, they were far less popular than the California-sourced Clint Eastwood and authentic Mexican ponchos the store used to carry back in 2014. The sale includes all inventory from this Australia-based supplier currently on hand (at the fulfillment center), estimated to be approximately $700 (USD) at cost value.

As explained above, because the current owner was (and still is) investing 100% of his time and capital into his other business, in late 2014 he stopped placing bulk inventory orders from the California-based supplier (causing sales and profits to drop off dramatically). The seller still has an active account with this California-based supplier (in fact, it's the same supplier he uses for, discussed below) and can place another order at any time.

The average profit margin on the products purchased from the Australia supplier is around 68.5% (i.e. buy a product for $31.50 and sell it for $100.00, netting $68.50 in profit). The average profit margin on the products sourced from the California supplier is around 60.0% (i.e. buy a product for $40.00 and sell it for $100.00, netting $60.00 in profit). These profit margin figures include delivery costs to get the products to the fulfillment center, but do not include fulfillment/shipping costs charged by the fulfillment center (those will be covered below).


Here is the P&L statement for for the year 2014, the only year that all of the products were in stock and available to ship from the fulfillment center. All numbers are presented in US Dollars (USD).

Revenue (net of refunds) $48,519 100%
Cost of Goods Sold $20,863 43.0%
Fulfillment Variable Costs $4,787 9.9%
Merchant Fees $1,698 3.5%
Fulfillment Fixed Costs $830 1.7%
Domain & Web Hosting $152 0.3%
Net Profit (2014) $20,189 41.6%

As you can see, the profit margins on these products are incredible (and yes, the 'Cost of Goods Sold' figure includes the costs to have the stock from the California supplier sea freighted to the fulfillment center in Australia). Cost of Goods Sold is just 43.0% (on average). Even after accounting for fulfillment costs (including both per-shipment variable costs and monthly fixed costs), merchant fees and all other expenses, the store's net profit percentage is an amazing 41.6% of revenue!

Here is the sales report from the store admin panel for the calendar year 2014. Please note that the figures shown in this sales report are presented in Australian Dollars (AUD). In the P&L figures shown above, a conversion factor of 0.902 has been applied to convert the figures to US Dollars (USD).

The current owner will of course give the eventual buyer the opportunity to do a live "screen-share" web meeting and jump into the store admin panel, payment account, etc. to verify and confirm all of the figures shown in the P&L above.

Note: As you would expect, the store's net profit dropped off considerably when the owner stopped ordering and stocking the best-selling products from the California-based supplier. In 2015 (when some of the US-sourced products were in stock for just a few months of the year), gross revenue was $15,645 (USD) and net profit was $6,051 (USD). In 2016 (when none of the US-sourced products were available), gross revenue was $8,018 (USD) and net profit was $2,420 (USD). Clearly, the store's sales and profits are directly tied to whether the best-selling California-sourced products are in stock and available to purchase.


As mentioned above, because the seller was pouring 100% of his working capital into expanding his other business, he couldn't spare the cash to order products in bulk from the California-based supplier and sea-freight them to Australia. But he already had the supplier account in place and had established a great relationship with them, which he wanted to take advantage of. And the supplier was (and still is) willing to dropship within the United States. So he spent a weekend creating the website, which sells the Clint Eastwood related products available from the California-based supplier. targets the US marketplace and uses the dropship model (i.e. all of the products are shipped directly from the supplier's warehouse in California to the customer - all you have to do is forward the customer's shipping address to the supplier). Here's the P&L for the period March 2016 - February 2017 (the most recent 12-month period)...

Mar '16 - Feb '17
(excluding Oct '16)
Oct '16 Only 12-Month Total
Net Revenue (After Refunds) $4,376 $2,578 $6,954
Plus: Amazon Affiliate Revenue $6 $74 $80
Total Revenue $4,382 $2,652 $7,034
COGS (Including Shipping) $2,976 $1,753 $4,729
Merchant Fees $153 $90 $243
Domain & Web Hosting Fees $123 $10 $133
Net Profit (Mar '16 - Feb '17) $1,130 $799 $1,929 is still fairly young, but it's a nice little "bonus" that made just under $2,000 over the past year and is certainly worth a few thousand dollars. Plus it's on the rise! Here's a screenshot from Google Analytics showing its traffic over the past 12 months...

And here's a list of's key rankings in (USA), per SEMrush reports as of the date this listing was created...

Keyword Phrase Google Rank Monthly Searches
clint poncho 2 10
clint eastwood poncho 4 1,900
clint eastwood serape 4 70
clint eastwood fistful of dollars costume 4 70
clint eastwood mexican poncho 4 20
fistful of dollars poncho 4 20
man with no name costume 5 170
clint eastwood hat and poncho 5 90
man with no name poncho 6 210
the man with no name costume 6 140
clint eastwood costume 8 480
clint eastwood man with no name costume 8 210
All Top 10 Rankings Combined 1-10 4,860


This package also includes an eBay (Australia) account to sell the same products on Similar to, the best-selling Clint Eastwood ponchos have only been in stock sporadically over the past 3 years. But when they have been in stock, they've sold extremely well on (as have the Australia-sourced products as well). Take a look at these sales figures for the 4-month period Sep - Dec 2015 (which is really the only period all products have been in stock and available to purchase). (Note: All figures are shown in USD.) Sales $4,727 100%
Cost of Goods Sold $2,033 43.0%
Fulfillment Variable Costs $468 9.9%
eBay Selling Fees $425 9.0%
Merchant Fees $165 3.5%
Net Profit (Sep - Dec '15) $1,636 34.6%

As you can see, selling the products on supplements the organic-traffic-generated sales on quite nicely. Because of the 9% eBay selling fees, the net profit margin isn't quite as high, but it's still a very respectable 34.6% (higher than most stores). In a 4-month period, eBay sales added an additional $1,636 (USD) of profit to the bottom line.

Note: For much of the past 3 years, the current owner has been selling these products under the eBay seller account related to his other business. It wasn't until a few months ago that he separated out the Clint Eastwood / Mexican poncho related products into a stand-alone eBay account (which will be included with the sale). Regardless of which eBay account is used, the products clearly sell very well on


The sale includes all of the following...

  • The domain name and website (including all textual and graphical content)
  • The domain name and website (including all textual and graphical content)
  • The seller's account (as discussed above)
  • All inventory on hand (which is already sitting at the fulfillment center in Australia) - approximately $700 (USD) at cost value (if actual inventory cost value at time of sale is less than $700, the purchase price will be adjusted down accordingly)
  • All website-related accounts and social profile accounts
  • All mailing lists and customer lists
  • 30 days of support to train you/your employee on how to run the business, place orders with suppliers, maintain the store, etc. (first 10 hours via phone or live webinar/screen share, then Skype/email support after that)
  • Free lifetime Pro Membership here at (if you're not already a member)

Please note that the seller will sign a non-compete, which will prohibit him and his other company from selling these Clint Eastwood and Mexican ponchos on another website or in a brick-and-mortar retail store.


The asking price for the entire package (including, and eBay) is $25,000. The seller will consider all reasonable offers.

When somebody submits an offer (which you can do here) that is accepted by the seller, the listing will "freeze" for a 72-hour period to give that individual a chance to work with us and the current owner to complete "due diligence" (including doing a live "screen-share" meeting to verify all financial info, accounts, etc.) and carry out the transaction. We will post a notice at the top of this page when an offer has been accepted and the listing becomes frozen. If the prospective buyer does not come through with completing the purchase, we will update this page to notify all interested parties that the site is still available. During the 72-hour "frozen" period, you may submit an offer to become the back-up buyer in case the prospective buyer doesn't come through.

The current owner is only interested in FULL-CASH offers. Please do not contact us about buy-out arrangements, installment payments or other "creative" purchase arrangements.

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Disclaimer: Store Coach, Inc. is acting as the broker of the sale of this website/business. All of the information contained in this listing has been provided by the website/business owner. The website/business owner is solely responsible for all figures, statements, claims and information provided on this page as well as all figures, statements, claims and information which may be provided to interested parties during the auction and during the due diligence process. It is the responsibility of the eventual buyer to review and verify all figures, statements, claims and information provided by the website/business owner.